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Top 4 Calgary Pest Control Tips From Exterminators in Calgary

Nobody wants to share their home and garden with unwelcome guests like ants, rodents, wasps and other pests, so it’s always worth doing as much as you can to avoid them moving in or hanging around. If you are not too sure where to start don’t worry, as here we have four top pest control tips for you passed on from expert pest exterminators in Calgary.

Always keep in mind that to survive and thrive all pests need three basic things – a food supply, access to water, and a place to hide/keep warm. If these things are not available or start to disappear then the majority of pests will either pack up and go, even if reluctantly sometimes, or begin to die out. So let’s look at the four top pest control tips we have to share.

Top Tip #1 - Pest proof your home
Cut back trees and shrubs at least a foot away from both your roof and the sides of your house and any outhouses or garages you have. This helps remove some of the hidey holes pests rely on and also hampers their easy entry into your property where they can wreak havoc. Seal cracks as soon as you notice them, using steel wool on larger jobs as pests cannot gnaw through that so easily.

Don’t forget to securely cover any spaces where larger pests can easily gain entry, and avoid storing things [like tires, foreword etc] in piles outside as these provide great places for pests to live.

Top Tip #2 – Remove the water sources pests are using
Check your roof and drain gutters/drainpipes for leaks which are forming pools of water, or losing a minute but constant trickle of water. Eliminate any condensation traps and remove anything in the garden which has become a water collector.

Top Tip #3 – Cut off food sources
Keep your outdoor waste containers locked shut and as clean as you can do, and avoid waste building up so it is not able to fit into the bin. Avoid leaving dirty crockery, cutlery, and pans sitting around the house or kitchen, and store all unused food in secure containers in the fridge. Leave pet food down once or twice a day and remove it if not eaten within a short time, your pets will get used to eating when they have the chance.

Top Tip #4 – Tackle directly with caution
Although there are some things you can do to avoid being invaded by pests there are also times when you have to face the problem head on. When looking at a major pest like wasps it is generally better to call an expert such as  https://ww1.apcpestfree.com/ than battle on alone.

If you can’t wait then it’s best to tackle them at dusk as they get sleepier and less aggressive as the day ends, and always wear clothes which cover your entire body. Be wary of using chemicals to kill them off if you are not familiar with how those things work.

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