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Tips for Surviving the Last Few Weeks of School

Okay, moms, dads, grands & caregivers. We are officially in the home stretch. The countdown to the last day of school for the year is on, and we have never been more ready for summer break to arrive. With Easter break being so late this year, it's been really hard for me to stay focused and on track with being organized these last few weeks of school. I'm usually one who thrives on routines, alarms going off every morning and sticking to a set schedule for the day, but I am longing for opportunities for everyone to sleep in, play outside, picnic, and of course, go on summer trips.

There's just one little thing- school isn't out yet, and I'm trying to make sure that my second grader finishes the year strong.

Here are some quick tips for surviving the last few weeks of school

Keep meals and bedtimes consistent

It's so easy to start to become lax toward the end of the school year. Truth is, your kiddos need to stay on track with their normal meals and their regular bedtime. Letting them eat junk will just contribute to their feeling sluggish, making it harder for them to concentrate while they're trying to get important work finished as they tie up loose ends in the classroom. A regular and set bedtime is important for kids of any age. Heck, even I try to not stay up past a certain time at night. Sleep is important for our young ones and will help them stay focused and energized for end of the year activities, testing, etc.

Be supportive

Kids often have a lot of extra work toward the end of the school year. They might come home asking for supplies for last minute projects, or come home with a pile of missing work that needs to be completed. Rather than stressing out and taking on the work yourself, use it as an opportunity to teach your child how to responsibly handle a larger than normal workload. Come up with a plan to get the work done, and encourage your child not to rush to complete it, rather do a good job and turn in work they'll be proud of.

Help the teacher or room parent out

Has your child's teacher asked for additional supplies, volunteers, or for things to be sent in for an end of the year project or party? It might mean taking a few extra steps, or spending a few extra dollars, but if you're able to, help out. It means more than you know to the teachers and room parents who work so hard to make learning fun and enjoyable for the kids.

Keep the learning going at home

Just because the school year is coming to an end, be consistent and keep working on lessons at home with your kids. You can make learning fun by using their toys to help teach them math, reading to them, introducing art projects to spark their creativity on the weekends, and so much more.

Say thanks & treat yo self!

At the end of the school year, don't forget to say thanks to your child's teachers. After all, aside from yourself and your family members, they are your child's biggest fans, strongest allies, and advocates. Many room parents put together a list of teachers' favorite things at the beginning of the school year or wishlist items that you might consider when you want to give them a special thank you gift.

You've spent the year washing uniforms, packing lunches, signing folders, helping with homework, dropping off/picking up, and going to lots of programs.  Here's to everyone who helped a child have a successful school year. Your love, dedication to their education, and involvement in their lives make the biggest difference you could ever imagine.

Now, go grab a marg & get ready to dip your toes into the kiddie pool! You've earned it!

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