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Tips For A DIY Pedicure

Manicures and pedicures are relaxing and enjoyable for men and women. However, upkeep expenses can be quite costly with time. If you’ve ever considered doing them yourself, you are not alone. On average a decent pedicure can cost anywhere from $20 to $60 not including exfoliation and massage. Getting the job done right is not impossible at home, in fact, it will even allow for you to do an even better job that nail technicians. If you think about it most nail salons are on a time crunch and know that the less time they spend on each customer the better chance they can increase revenue. So how do you do your pedicure at home you ask? The following tips may be of value for you.

In order to start any pedicures, it is vital that you invest in quality cleaning tools. An initial investment will pay off when you no longer have to go to a nail salon again. 

To begin, you must get rid of any current polish on your nails. Doing this will also disinfect your goes as well. Even if there is no nail polish on your nails, applying polish remover is still advisable, as it eliminates excess oil build up on the nail beds. After you’ve applied nail polish remover with a cotton pad, soak your feet in hot water with any soap or body wash you have. 15 minutes will do the trick to eliminate any and all dead skin cells on the soles of your feet.

After soaking your feet, now is the time to use a strong foot file to scrub any calluses off; usually, the area with the most dead skin are at the sides of your feet, heels, and the ball part. Be sure to not over scrub because you can get too deep into the skin where it gets sensitive. Once this step is finished, be sure to shape and file your nails to your liking. It’s important to not cut or trim off your cuticles during a pedicure, as this part actually serves as a protection for the surrounding parts of the skin against infections. If any parts of the cuticle are sticking out, you can, however, file bits of it off.

Furthermore, apply cuticle oil and nail fungus treatment on the base of each nail which will help prevent chipping once the polish has been applied. Once the top of your toes has soaked in the oil, you can now gently scrub off any dirt on the surface with the sharp tip of a file. After cleaning, you can now prep your toes with toe separators to prevent any polish from spreading. Before any colors, be sure to use a base coat as it will help protect the external layer of your nails to prevent it from stains. Now for the actual polish, two coats are really all you need, anything more will make the finishing product look thick and overdone. The thinner the product of polish the more likely it will bubble when air is blown at it, so be sure to invest in a quality polish.

Lastly, top your toes off with some quick drying top coat which will also help maintain the shine of the polish and prevent chipping. Nail polish usually takes 12 hours to fully harden to your nail beds so have this coat can prevent it from chipping off right away. Once dry apply some moisturizer on your feet and you’re done.

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