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The Power of a Good Book

I love to read... anything from romance, to self help, to how to be a better parent.  Why? It takes me out of my own head and allows me to understand a point of view that may differ from my own.  Reading allows me to think about things I never would have before. 
Immersed in a good book, I can find myself becoming a character in the book.  I am watching from afar and struggling with emotions that the main characters lives are showing.  I am sad for the loss and love they feel.  I yell when they succeed and make changes to better themselves.  In writing this, I feel that my joy from reading is just from being human.  I want to see others succeed because it means that I can with whatever I am struggling with.  I want to see their fights because it means there will be a solution.  I want to feel their tears because it means I don't have to be strong all the time.

What are your go to books?  Why do you read?


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  1. I prefer realistic fiction. I usually find an author I like (by reading one book) and just go for more of their books. Dan Brown, James Patterson, and Barbara Kingsolver are a few of my favorites.


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