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The Most Romantic Getaway Locations for Lovebirds


Valentine’s Day may be over, but it’s never too late to give your significant other a special treat. For couples who are feeling a little too worn out from work or parents who are exhausted from having to constantly chase after their kids, it is time to take a vacation! Just the two of you, no third wheelers allowed. And to help you get started, Cupid’s arrow has struck these magical chosen destinations to help couples keep the romance alive!

Meadowood Napa Valley, St Helena, California


Located in the heart of Napa Valley, Meadowood is well-equipped for a romantic getaway. This luxurious vacation spot has a rustic charm typical of the countryside, perfect for couples who wish to simply take a break and focus on their loved one.
Take advantage of the sprawling green lawns of this 250-acre estate and indulge in a relaxing game of golf or croquet.

Alternatively, you can consider taking a swim or going on an adventurous hike through the forest paths. Feeling sore and tired after all that exercising? Head on over to the masseuse and give your aching body a treat with their nimble hands. End the day with a mouth-watering meal at the three-star Michelin Meadowood Restaurant, guaranteed to serve you the most delectable cuisines.

If you are a wine connoisseur, why not go for a wine tasting tour in the renown local wineries of Napa Valley? There is nothing more lovely than sharing a bottle of Chardonnay with your lover and looking out into the lush green vineyards.

Bungalows Key Largo Resort, Florida


Enclosed behind its iron gates is a serene and tranquil paradise where great precautions are taken to ensure the peacefulness of the resort; all motorized vehicles are banned, including cars and jet skis. Instead, hop into a golf cart or cycle to get around the property. Plenty of non-motorised water activities are still available; sail across the seas in electric Duffy boats or get those arm muscles pumping when you go kayaking. If that’s a little too strenuous for you, how about trying out meditation? Floating in the middle of the ocean, lulled by gentle waves, attend a Yoga class on standup paddleboards.

But many of us are just looking for a good time. So if you're not into the whole inner peace and wellness trend, simply hop into a tiki boat and enjoy happy hour floating on the high seas. Why not take a few more drinks with you? After all, the resort is all-inclusive.

Visitors who visit this luxurious resort will be getting some serious déjà vu when they walk into this upscale, adults-only, secluded, all-inclusive holiday retreat. Owner Jerry Johnson built this resort to mimic some of his favorite places all over the world; visitors will get to enjoy the ambiance of Il Riccio in Capri in the resort’s seafood restaurant, Fish Tales.

AutoCamp Russian River, Guerneville, California


Who doesn’t love roasted marshmallows? Cozy up in front of the campfire in blankets with the sweet treat and enjoy a romantic night under the sky of shimmering stars. An ambiance that will melt the heart of any unromantic realist, this would be a night to remember.

You can even choose to stay in luxury tents to get a personal feel of the outdoors or opt for comfort in trailers fully equipped with all the modern essentials, like a walk-in-shower and a queen-size bed. Couples will be able to enjoy the delights of camping in total comfort and without any fuss.

Blackberry Farm, Wallan, Tennessee

Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, this small luxury hotel is perfect for couples who are as sweet as honey. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Farmstead’s local produce from its own creamery, bakery, and chocolatier.

Equipped with a horde of gardeners to tend to the crops, their own butcher, and of course a group of talented chefs, culinary masterpieces are produced with home-grown ingredients in Blackberry Farm. It is no wonder that Foothill Cuisine is on every gourmet’s bucket list. Have a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner and celebrate your love with a glass of wine, specially selected from a wine cellar filled with 160,000 different bottles


Blackberry Farm is a luxury vacation built around agriculture; providing you the perfect chance to reconnect with nature. For couples looking for a little exercise, why not try horseback riding, archery, or even paintball? Lovebirds who wish to have some downtime can head for the spa or try some gardening.

Setai Miami Beach, Florida
Enjoy the beautiful views of the waterfront from the comfort of the hotel’s Asian-inspired ocean suites. Though it might be located in the bustling town of Miami, this secluded resort exudes serenity and is the perfect wellness weekend retreat. Go all out and choose the most luxurious room the Setai has to offer: The Penthouse Suite. Situated at the rooftop of the 40-story high building, guests are welcomed by the picturesque views of both the city and nature. Spend all day lounging in the private terrace which includes an infinity pool with a pool float from The Floatys, or in a Jacuzzi overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


Celebrate your anniversary with a relaxing couple message. The Couples Love Ceremony package offers a 60 minutes Balinese-style massage, followed by a soak in Himalayan bath salts and surrounded by floating rose petals.

Dunton Hot Springs, Dolores, Colorado

Giddy up and head on to Duston Hot Springs, a ghost town deep in the Colorado Rockies! After a long day of horseback riding and hiking, lounge in a private hot spring to ease your aching muscles. This is the most luxurious wild west experience that you can possibly find out there. There are only 13 cabins available and these rustic hand-hewn log cabins are furnished with exquisitely chosen antiques, from Turkish kilims to bearskin rugs. Just a short walk away from your accommodation is the spa and a yoga studio for the ultimate holiday.

Perhaps the most romantic of all is enjoying the sunset in a sleigh drawn by stunning Percheron horses. Indulge in the most exquisite cuisine in an intimate candlelight dinner. To end off the romantic date, sit by the fire while sipping hot chocolate under the beautiful night sky and wish upon a shooting star for your love to last forevermore.

Gaze adoringly at your loved one during a candlelight dinner or cozy up in front of the campfire. Definitely #couplegoals, this would make any romanticist squeal in excitement and cause every single person to go green with envy.

Nevertheless, we hope we have managed to help you narrow down your search for the perfect holiday! Remember, wherever you and your significant other might choose to go, the most important thing would be to spend some quality time together. We wish you the best of luck in choosing the perfect romantic destination to reignite your love!

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