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The Best Cars for New Graduates

Graduating from high school or college is a rite of passage for students. They've put in years of hard work, and as a parent, you've offered years of help and support to see them through some of the best years of their life. After graduating, most students will be ready to take off for college or a trade school, or perhaps head straight into the workforce. College grads will be looking for fulltime jobs as they get their feet wet in the world of adulthood. In order for them to get to where they need to go, a reliable car is pretty much a necessity. 

Unless a recent grad has worked and saved their money for the past few years, they probably won't be able to afford a car on their own. Making the decision to help your child with buying a car is a big one, and if you have the means to help out, it's something they'll always remember and appreciate. But which cars are the best for recent high school or college grads?

Figuring out where to start or which makes and models to look at or test drive begins by answering a simple question: what will they be using the car for?

If your child has a long commute to work or will be driving several hours between your home base and their college or university, you'll absolutely want to look for something that has excellent gas mileage. No one wants to be driving a gas guzzling vehicle when they're battling traffic day in and out. Look for something with low to moderate miles on it, and one that can handle daily traffic flow by how many miles of gas per gallon it gets on the highway. If your student won't be going out of town very much, check the gas mileage for city driving and weigh it against the highway gas mileage.

Check consumer reports for safety ratings.
No matter how far your child will travel to school or work, you want them to be safe. While some cars might look cooler than others, safety is what's most important. Check safety ratings and compare makes and models to see which options are affordable and keep in line with what you need for saving on gas.

Do they need a lot of space?
Some students have a lot to take to school with them. College kids are notorious for packing up their entire world and squeezing it into a tiny dorm room. They also often have loads of laundry to bring home, and might even want to bring friends home with them over breaks or weekends. If your child plays a sport or an instrument, think about the space they will likely need to transport their gear.

It might seem like quite the undertaking to select a new car for a recent grad, but there are so many smart options out there. Whether they need a car to get them to college, or to use for the carpool to work, you're sure to help them find something practical and a vehicle they'll be proud to drive.

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