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Summer Car Care Tips

Are you ready for all things summer travel? This time of year, millions of drivers will hit the road with their families for summer adventures, but it's smart to take precautions and make sure that vehicles are safe and ready for long distance trips. There are lots of quick and easy things that you can and should check before hitting the road with your family this summer. Here's a list of top things to look for and check with your vehicle before you head off into the sunset for summer fun.

Check your car's tires

Your tires might look like they're filled with air and good to go for miles and miles, but the truth is, it can be hard to tell whether or not your tires are over or under-inflated just by looking at them. Newer vehicles have automatic pressure sensors which will alert you if your tire pressure is too low. If you receive this alert, don't ignore it. If your tires are low, get them filled and check the pressure by hand (yes- the old fashioned way) with a tire pressure gauge. Over-inflation can lead to a blow out on the road, and many an accident has occurred that way. Don't be next in line. Check your tires and save yourself from a potentially dangerous scenario.


If you prepped your car for the winter months, good for you! This is always a smart thing to do before the cold sets in. In the same regard, you should de-winterize your car for the warm weather months. The first thing to do is to make sure any leftover winter road grime is removed from the vehicle's exterior. Wash away any slag or salt that may have caked onto your car, and don't forget about cleaning the undercarriage- which is most likely to have build-up and residue.

Change the air filter

Have you ever removed the air filter in your home and made a disgusted face? I surely have! It's amazing how quickly dust and dirt get trapped in the air filter in a home, and the same can be said of the air filter in a car. It gets just as dusty pretty quickly. If your car's air conditioning system seems to not be cooling properly, it might be that your car's air filter needs to be changed. Changing the air filter will also help you and your family breathe in clean air. If you're worried about the air quality, you can purchase a plug-in USB air purifier for the car.

Summer driving is so much fun, and you're sure to have lots of wonderful memory-making adventures with your family. The best memories are made when they don't involve problems on the road. Spend a bit of time making these quick checks on your vehicle to keep your car running safely, and to keep your family safe as well.

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  1. These are all important things to remember. We took 2 trips this moth which is rare..one to NJ and NY then NC last weekend for the holiday weekend. You want your vehicle to be in the best shape it can be when taking road trips.

  2. It might be good to have a total once over on the car, with a mechanic / shop you trust, in case there is something obvious or almost ready to blow.

  3. These are some great things to remember--thanks for sharing!

  4. These are excellent tips. I'll be getting my car checked to make sure it's in top shape before I take any trips this summer. Thanks!


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