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Root Bioscience: A Family Friendly CBD Company You Can Trust

Thanks so much to Root Bioscience for sending me product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Recently, I became more interested in CBD oil and began doing some independent research to find testimonials from individuals that have experienced tangible positive results from this natural product.

The more I read, the more I liked what I read. 

It was near impossible to find people that have incorporated some form of CBD product into their lifestyle without seeing at least a small positive effect. Being a person that likes to find natural remedies and is intrigued by "nature's solutions" to physical and psychological ailments, I decided I would give CBD oil a try. 

I know many people out there have very serious medical ailments and as I began to scour different support groups on Facebook, I quickly realized there is a huge population of people that have a tough time even getting through their day. Be it chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety or any number of troubles, many people (myself included) are battling something that may be apparent or likely unseen. 

Here's a really fun diagram for you. The yellow and green parts of my left arm are mostly affected.

Personally, I have dealt with peripheral neuropathy caused by a nerve (in the brachial plexus family)that was damaged during surgery for 4 years and more recently some unpleasant shoulder inflammation conditions that are likely due at least in part to the neuropathy. That was a lot to type! I rarely ever put my "issues" into words like that. In saying that, I also fully realize that what I deal with everyday pales in comparison to some of the very serious conditions that many of you face every single day. For this, I just want to offer my sympathies and support. Truly. I see you and I know it's hard.

This brings me to today where I sit with my box of Root Bioscience CBD oil goodies, nearly bursting at the seams to sing their praises!

If you have done any research, you know full well it is overwhelming. What is CBD oil? Is it safe? Is it natural? Is it going to change the way I feel? Does it alter my mind in any way? How do I find a GOOD company that I can trust?

I had all of these questions and I tried a couple of different companies before finding Root Bioscience. Honestly, I was a little nervous to give you my honest opinion before trying Root Bioscience because I didn't have the best luck with other brands. Quality is everything, I have learned. I can honestly say, I REALLY like this company and I am extremely impressed with the quality and attention to every single detail. 

This is a little about who they are and why they exist:

Neil and I started Root Bioscience when we could not find a company making hemp products we could trust.  We were looking for a brand rooted in science with safe and effective products that were easy to use.  We expected the same consistent quality and commitment to consumer education we find in the best over the counter health and wellness products on the market today.  When we could not find the company we were looking for, we decided to build it.
Our story starts in 2014 when Congress passed legislation allowing states to create industrial hemp programs.  Since the term “hemp” really means nothing more than “cannabis with less than 0.3% THC,” we saw this as the first true indication that the United States was beginning to seriously consider federal cannabis reform.  As lawyers with significant expertise helping businesses operate in complex regulatory environments, we had just begun representing cannabis companies in states such as California and these new laws allowed us to begin confidently building a national cannabis law practice.
Then things got personal. 
Our family members began using hemp products to address conditions ranging from sleep disorders to life-threatening disease.  This allowed us to see up close and personal the impact these products can have when manufactured and administered properly.  Long before we considered manufacturing ourselves, we committed to ensuring our loved ones could safely access the products they need

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is an active ingredient found in cannabis plants. Cannabis plants are classified as industrial hemp or marijuana based on the amount of THC present. Hemp strains are low in THC (0.3% or less), but high in CBD, whereas marijuana strains can have 20-30% THC. Our CBD products come from industrial hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive substituent of cannabis, so it will not get you “high”, but it does show some promise for treating certain medical conditions. When taken regularly, CBD may help with conditions such as inflammation, anxiety, pain, and more.

Types of CBD Products

CBD Products can be taken:
  • Sublingually: CBD oil tinctures- Place under tongue to increase the CBD potency because it will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Orally: Edibles, capsules, CBD oil- Can be eaten or swallowed
  • Topically: Salves, balms, creams, etc.- Applied directly to the skin for targeted relief
  • Vaporized/smoked: Vape pen- Heated and inhaled typically through a vaporizer
As you can see, CBD is a non-psychoactive substituent of cannabis, so there is no "high" feeling. You do not need to worry about that. I hope this helps to reassure anyone who hears the word "cannabis" and immediately thinks only of the actual marijuana plant with THC present. There is still, surprisingly, quite a bit of ignorance around this topic! Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone in your life who may not understand the difference and would like some clarity on this topic. We here at MBP love a good education moment!

My experience with Root Bioscience CBD products:

This is the highest mg hemp oil that Root Bioscience sells at 2500mg. This sells for $139.99.

For me, I chose to take the 1000mg hemp extract oil. The bottle says to take 1ml and it comes with an attached dropper that has the dosing on the dropper. I have taken this oil during the day and at night. At night, I have noticed it helps significantly with falling asleep. It's subtle, but effective. I would definitely give the oil a try if you are having trouble falling asleep. The taste is earthy and didn't bother me honestly. I took a sip of a flavored beverage after and was good to go!

During the day, I noticed a very subtle ability to just relax easier and do the things I needed to do without as much stress. Now keep in mind I have not tried the higher mg oil, yet and have not used it for any kind of long-term pain-relieving intent. There are many and I do mean many people who absolutely swear by CBD oil helping tremendously with anxiety and many medical conditions.

I was slightly doubtful about the skin salve, if I'm being completely honest! I didn't want to go into this trial with any kind of negative notion, but my shoulder and arm are difficult to treat. Believe me, I've been trying for years!

When I was experiencing a "flare up" in my shoulder inflammation which causes VERY sharp pain that can take my breath away, I grabbed the salve and rubbed it on my shoulder. Almost immediately, the sharp edge of the pain was relieved. I was still in pain, but the only way I can describe it is that instead of a sharp knife stabbing pain, it became more dull. It helped my pain and for that help, I am truly thankful to have found this product. 

This product sells for $44.99 which is reasonable for what this is. You only need a small amount and it spreads a long way. When it heats up on your skin, it rubs in and a small dab covers a big area of skin. This can be used for any number of ailments, but for me personally, I can attest to it helping with inflammation within my shoulder joint and connective tissue. 

As an added bonus, Root Bioscience also makes lip balm which I'm obsessed with! I LOVE lip balm a little too much and was quite excited they decided to share these with me!

This 3 pack sells for $8.99 which is a great price in my opinion! The vanilla is my favorite. This little set is such a great gift idea for absolutely anyone in your life. I'm a lip balm snob and I approve. When you've tried as many lip balms as I have, you just get that way! 

The last thing I want to mention about Root Bioscience is they also make products for dogs! I did not receive any pet products to review this time, but now that I know I love and trust this company, I'm very interested in trying the pet products for my granny girls (aka: my elderly dogs). 

If you have ailing dogs and are interested in trying Root Bioscience, let me know in the comments section. I would love to hear about your experience!

I hope you've possibly learned a little something about this amazing company today and at the very least maybe a bit about hemp oil and how helpful it can be!

Want it? Get it!

You can check out Root Bioscience on their website where you can also order all of their products directly. This is a competitive market so I hope you'll check out Root Bioscience on all of their social media sites and show them some extra love and support:

Thanks again to our friends at Root Bioscience for this amazing partnership! It has truly been a pleasure and I can't wait to continue to experience the benefits from these amazing products. 


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  1. Hva er hamp olje bra for?

    Hamp olje er en perfekt naturlig løsning for ulastelig smertebehandling. En gave av naturen, perfeksjonert av menneskelig innsats. Det gir flere sidehelsemessige fordeler i stedet for irreparable bivirkninger forårsaket av de allopatiske smertestillende.


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