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Pizza Rolls #TastyTuesday

I came across the picture of this yummy snack one day while mindlessly scrolling on Facebook.  I thought it looked pretty tasty, so I screenshoted it so I could try it out sometime.  I finally did last week and it is so good and better yet, super easy!  It only has three ingredients.  Aiden has asked me to make this several times since the first time we tried it out.

All you need for this are these three ingredients.

Roll out the crescent rolls and add your pepperoni and cheese.  I also made some without pepperoni and those are Aiden's favorite.

Wrap them up and they are ready to head into the over.  Bake at 10-12 minutes, until the crescent rolls of golden brown.  

Enjoy the yummy, cheesy goodness.  And let me know if you give these a try.  They have become a regular around our house. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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