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Massage Those Aches Away With MassageRite. #MBPDadsGrads19

Thank you to MassageRite for the products! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am always having neck and shoulder pain and visit a chiropractor every two weeks.  I have headaches that are usually in my neck and am always super tight in that in that area.  I was so excited to try out the MassageRite and was very impressed with this massager.  Aiden and Chris also took their turns with it and we are all big fans.  
The MassageRite has found a home in our living room and gets used almost on a daily basis.  It is so easy to use.  My favorite feature of the MassageRite is that it is heated.  It is really good for my neck at the end of a long day.  I have also been using it on my lower back the past couple of days and it has provided relief with pain.  I just happened to have an appointment this past week with my chiropractor and I was not as tight in my neck and shoulder area as I usually am.  I know that it is due to using the MassageRite just about daily and working out the kinks at the end of the day. Little did I know- a magic wand massager was just what I needed!

We are all excited to use this.

Everything you need to get your massage on.

Ready for this to take care of my sore muscles.

Aiden checking it out.

He had a tummy ache and thought the massage would make it feel better.

My husband works 12 hour shifts and he stands most of the day.  He comes home with back and leg pain on a regular basis.  He has been using the MassageRite on his lower back and then laying on the couch and using it on his upper and lower legs.  He says he can definitely tell it helps with tired muscle pain.  He doesn't care for the heat to be on.  It's so nice that you can use this massager with or without the heat being on.  

ALLEVIATES TENSION: Shiatsu neck and back massager. Helps knead and soothe sore muscles and relieve tightness.

.SOOTHING WARMTH: Gentle heating warms as it relieves stress, improving the final results of the massage session. Allows for heat on or off.

DURABLE: A quality motor provides a longer life and allows for a deeper massage than many other similar style massagers. Don't undervalue this aspect.

SAFE TO USE: The MassageRite Shiatsu pillow massager is equipped with overheat protection & programmed with Auto Shut-Off to ensure safety (UL approved power adaptor works with both 110-120V & 220-240V electrical outlet); Car adapter included.

USAGE: We offer a 2 year warranty. If anything happens to your device within the 2 year warranty period, we will send you a replacement model at no cost to you.

Want it?  Get it!
If you need a great gift for the Dad's and Grad's in your life then you need to head on over and check out MassageRite.  They will thank you!  You can also connect with them on Facebook.  You can also find the MassageRite featured in our 2019 Dad & Grad Gift Guide.  

Special thanks for allowing me and my family to use and share about the MassageRite.  

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