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Make Your House (and Mom) Happy with Happy Wax #MBPMomsDay19

Thank you to Happy Wax for providing me with samples. All thoughts are my own.

How do you typically freshen your home? I've been a longtime fan of candles and wax melts/warmers, and have had my fair share of trial and error with a lot of different brands. I have a huge collection of wax warmers, and as a mom with two curious kids (one of them a toddler), wax warmers have been a huge help to me as I strive to keep my kids safe. As much as I love candles, there's no denying that they can be a hazard if they're left within reach of kids or pets.

Wax warmers are a wonderful alternative to burning candles. There's no flame, most warmers simply become warm to the touch, and wax melts are usually contained and out of a little hand's reach. I'm getting reacquainted with using wax melts and warmers in my home, thanks to Happy Wax.

The Happy Wax Mission

Happy Wax® is the first brand committed to making wax melting fun, easy, and healthy. We take pride in delivering our wax melts to you, because we are passionate about creating all-natural, unforgettable fragrances that are infused with essential oils and free of phthalates. Our wax is 100% soy, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable; our wax warmers are innovative, designed to make wax melting a painless process. Our “No-Scrape” silicone dish allows you to switch between wax scents quickly and effortlessly, and variable timing options allow you to turn on your warmer for a designated time period. Besides, they’re easy to look at—we have unique warmers designed to fit every taste and style. We hope you love our collections as much as we love creating them.

Start your day the Happy Wax way!

Receiving happy mail from Happy Wax made my day!

For years, I have used different brands and styles of wax warmers and melts. I love that they are mess free and convenient, but I have found that the scents often wear off super quickly, and the melted (later hardened) wax is sometimes impossible to remove from the warming dishes. I've broken many a dish by freezing as directed to try to get the melted and hardened wax to 'pop out' with ease.

Happy Wax Signature Wax Warmer ($39.99 at happywax.com)

I chose to try out the gorgeous SIGNATURE WAX WARMER 2.0 IN HERRINGBONE. This warmer is tall, which makes it stand out as a beautiful piece of home decor. It's modern and sleek in its design and ties right in with my decor at home. Everything that you need to use the warmer is included, along with an easy-to-read instruction manual. Simply put the warmer shell on the base, insert the warming dish, and then insert the silicone warming tray. The silicone tray is one of the things that sets Happy Wax warmers apart from so many others. Once the melted wax cools and hardens after use, simply remove the silicone warming tray and literally pop the wax out and dispose of it. It's so easy! I love it so much, and I can change my scents out as often as I want to without any trouble!

Choose your favorite warmer, and get your scent on with Happy Wax Soy Melts!

Once you have your favorite warmer picked out and in your home, go ahead and assemble it (just takes 60 seconds), and get ready to choose your wax scent. I tend to become super extra excited over wax melts- don't ask me why. All I can say is that home fragrance makes my heart happy.

Happy Wax melts are made with the best ingredients possible:
Soy Wax
- 100% soy wax made of all-natural ingredients
Essential Oils
- Crisp, modern scents infused with essential oils
- All of Happy Wax fragrances are phthalate-free so you can melt away knowing everything is completely safe.

Half Pound (8 oz) wax melt pouches are just $17.95 or 2 for $30.00!

Happy Wax melts are available in so many amazing fragrances! You can choose standalone fragrances, like Lemon Verbena, or choose mixes which contain 2-3 different scents, all together in one tin or bag. The half-pound wax melt bags are an incredible value, giving you 200+ hours burn time per bag!

Personally, I love the Citrus Mix and have been using it in my kitchen. It has such a fresh, clean scent. I also love the Lemon Verbena and use that in the kitchen, dining room, and family room. The Fresh Mix is what we have going in our bathrooms, and we love the fresh and clean, sort of baby powdery scent.

Happy Wax products are easy to use and easy to love!

I use our Happy Wax Signature Warmer & Wax Melts every day!

I turn my Happy Wax warmer on when I go into the family room every morning. The yummy citrus scent wakes everyone up in such a happy way, ready to greet the new morning. When I have company over, I love showing off my Happy Wax warmer. The wax melts come in adorable signature shapes, like little gummy bears, and there are also various holiday shapes like hearts and trees. My kids love dropping a wax soy bear into our Happy Wax warmer.

Since there's no bulb in the warmer, I don't really have to worry at all about having to change a bulb out! Horray! With settings for 3, 6, and 9 hours, the integrated timer feature allows me to easily manage the duration of my fragrance delivery.

Signature Wax Warmer in Herringbone + Half Pound Soy Melts Mix Kit - $49.99

The Signature Wax Warmer Kit would make an amazing gift for Mother's Day! Just select your favorite warmer design, and a half pound soy melt mix to go along with it! There are also mini warmer and wax melt tin options available!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Happy Wax to learn more about their wonderful company and products. Just looking around and reading their story is sure to make your heart happy. You'll love browsing their wonderful bundles of Happy Wax Scented Soy Melts, too! Find your perfect mix for a custom scent all your own. You can also save 10% off your order when you sign up on the Happy Wax website!

Connect with Happy Wax on social media: Facebook, and IG.

Let's chat home fragrance! 
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Special thanks to Happy Wax for allowing me to experience and share about their wonderful products for the home. Be sure to look for them in our 2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide!

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