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Know All about Microblading in 5 Minutes before taking up the Training

Twenty years before today, if anyone would’ve told you about this diplomatic breakthrough in that’d change the makeup industry forever, you would’ve laughed them out of the room. Think about it—would you trust a person who’d say “there’s this way to get eyebrows done so good that you won’t have to take care of them anymore”?

You’d be intrigued alright, but then that person would elucidate by saying that this procedure gets your eyebrows tattooed just the way you like it. Not only would that raise a few eyebrows, but you’d be touching your eyebrows by just thinking about that possibility. But in the current scenario, microblading has changed the eyebrow game forever.
If you are still wondering what microblading is, it is a procedure which makes your eyebrows darker and more permanent. Not only is microblading semi-permanent, but it also takes you out of the eyebrow makeup misery. No need to take any special care while grooming them ‘brows, get out of bed and get ready to slay. While getting your eyebrows microbladed is one side of a story, being a microblading artist is the other side of it—something that you can only do if you are worthy of it.
We aren’t talking about Thor-lifting-his-Hammer worthy; we’re talking steady hands, and sheer display of skill and of course the guts and grits to operate on someone else’s eyebrows. It is not something that you can draw and erase—microblading is a painful procedure, and people only trust the experts when it comes to anyone operating on their eyebrows. That is why training and certification are incredibly crucial to be a microblading artist.
Many students who study dermatology as a profession believe that something as sensitive as microblading requires hours of training along with real charisma to stick to the practice. This is quite a reason why microblading training from the right place is essential. A training program that gives you all the tools and equips you with the correct skill set is what you need to become a pro-microblading artist.
It’s not about the Certificate
If you believe that a training certificate in microblading is more than enough to show your skills off on other people’s eyebrows, then alas, you are hugely mistaken. Various “students” of microblading certificate courses have been carrying their certificates around for long now. And even when they are assisting another microblading artist, they seem to get cold feet on thoughts of doing it themselves. If you think that a microblading certification is what gets you wherever you want, then that isn’t the case.
Training is the Key
A certificate doesn’t just get stuff done—it is your training that does wonders. Only the right master can brew the perfect magic potion, and only a good mentor can fully bloom a protégé to the sky. If you are working under the right mentor, even 100 hours of training should be enough. But a mentor who’s not up to the mark would never make you the microblading artist you aspire to be. Tip numero uno to become a kick-ass micro blading artist—get the right trainer.
What’s the Best Training Course?
In a world which has way too many natural and sneaky ways to get things done, it is tough to find a determined trainer who’ll teach you the A to Z of microblading. After all, a good trainer teaches you the good stuff.
In case you are seeking the best microblading training center in Atlanta, we know who to call. You got to choose a microblading mentor who doesn’t just give you a certificate, but grant you the best in class training so that you can microblade with full confidence. Holding the best Microblading training classes in all of Atlanta, Avant Microblading will turn you into a pro in just 100 hours.
Their training schedule is as simple as it gets: kick off your training by learning designs, understanding the theory of colors and top it off with safety protocol and setup. The key to any good microblading artist is practicing the designs and shapes, and that is what the second day of Avant‘s microblading training course teaches you (there’s a live demo too).
Now comes the hard part of doing it yourself. Many certificate programs help you get that sheet of paper, but none of them allow you to work on models under supervision. Microblading is an art which you learn by doing, and practice makes you more perfect than before. That is why the final phase of Avant’s microblading classes is all about working on models under the trainer’s supervision.
But that’s not enough
Microblading is not just about learning the art of doing one’s eyebrows with an uber-cool pen and forgetting about it. Just like a knife needs to be sharpened and knowledge has to be updated, the art of microblading has been enhanced. Here are some ways you can rejuvenate your microblading prowess and improve your skill sets:
Start with the visual stuff because the best way to learn something is with images and pictures. Not only does that teach you nifty tricks, but you also get to learn a lot of new ways to do the same old stuff. Audio-books and learning guides also show the nitty-gritty of microblading. You can attend seminars at tattoo conventions which also feature microblading advice.
Microblading is the Future

There is no doubt in the fact that microblading will rise to be the next cosmetic fad and it won’t fade away. Being a microblading artist is a great choice, and if you are in for it, it would be better to training for it. But remember to seek the right trainer and the proper microblading training classes. Avant Microblading classes in Atlanta are the best place to start with. Once you are done with it, carve those curls the Picasso of eyebrows you were meant to be!

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