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Is Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready?

Ah, summer. School is out, the kids are home, and everyone has one thing on their minds... vacation. Deciding where to go on your summer vacation can be a lot of fun and a great way to get everyone thinking. Chances are, by the time summer rolls around, you already know where your family will be headed, and you have planned an awesome family road trip. Or perhaps you just heard from your boss that you have vacation time stored up that you need to use or else you'll lose it? Impromptu road trips and vacations happen all the time, but one thing is true- your vehicle needs to be prepped and ready to handle whatever types of travel you plan on doing this summer.

Here are a few ways to make sure your vehicle is road trip ready...

Get it serviced and inspected

No one wants to have to shell out large amounts of money before a vacation, but you absolutely want to make sure that your vehicle is 100% safe and can handle a road trip before embarking on one with your precious family. Take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic or auto service center and ask them to inspect your vehicle if it's been over six months since your annual inspection. You'll want to know for a fact that everything is in good working order on the vehicle. Have tires and fluids checked, and if any repairs need to be made, have those taken care of before hitting the road. If a large repair needs to be made and there isn't time to do it before your trip, you might need to make an alternate plan or consider renting a vehicle for your trip instead.

Remember that troubles can happen at any time & any place.

When you're on the road (no matter where you are or who you're traveling with), you have to be prepared for the worst. No one wants to start off their vacation having to sit on the side of the road due to car troubles or being involved in a fender bender, but the truth is, these things can and do happen. At least with Canberra towing, you have a reliable service to help you. The best way to prevent accidents on the road is to pay attention and drive cautiously and defensively. Always be fully alert and limit distractions.

Making sure that your brakes work well, all of your lights work, and that your view is unobstructed are no-brainers. Don't cram your hatch so full to the brim that you can't clearly and safely see out of your car's back window. Use your turn signals, and keep day runners on during the day, and headlights on once it gets dark. 

Be sure to keep your vehicle clean. It's not just for cosmetics, but for safety. Going on a trip with dirty and grimy windows is very dangerous. You need to be able to clearly see out of all of your windows and mirrors. Be sure to adjust mirrors and the driver's seat before you pull out of the driveway. Make sure you have plenty of windshield washer fluid in the vehicle and that the wipers work well. If your wiper blades need to be replaced, take care of that before you head off on your road trip.

When most families travel, they usually want to limit breaks and cut down on the amount of time spend stopping. Unless you're under time restrictions, stopping every couple of hours is actually a great idea. Everyone will want to stretch their legs, and the driver might also need a break. If you're driving and feel sleepy, switch with another driver and give yourself some time to rest.

Staying safe on the road during a road trip is pretty easy- you just have to take a few extra steps before starting your trip to ensure your trip is smooth sailing!

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