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Happy Mother's Day- From this Mom to you Mom

Mother's should be celebrated every day as we are part of the glue that keeps our family running.  We compromise ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally without complaint.  We look to other moms to be better, more understanding, and face each day ready for the next.
You have seen me post about my qualms of motherhood and while my journey in motherhood is and was different, I think we all had doubts at one point.  I was lucky enough to have some amazing mother influences in my life that helped me through my hardest days.

To my mother-  I have never been an easy child.  I had a will so strong that sometimes you felt defeated. It may not have been easy but you raised me to be a strong woman.

To my Grandmother-  You are the foundation that makes our family.  I have learned so much from you and I am so grateful you are mine.

To my sisters-  I am impressed with the way you supported me early on and then when you became parents yourself.  I could not be the mom I am without you.

To my friends and other family members-  You are doing and have done an amazing job.  I am inspired by you.  

To all the women around the world-  You are a true hero.  The job is never easy but you make it work.  You make a difference.

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