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Four Ways to Use Trees to Enhance Your Life

Having finally gotten our garden under control, late last year, we are finally looking forward to getting out there and using it more. Once we know how we are going to use the space, we will, in all likelihood, do some planting. But, we will be careful not to let things grow too big. It took a lot of effort to cut everything down and get the garden looking tidy again. Before we bought the house, the garden had been left to go a bit wild. An experience we do not want to go through again.

But, knowing that we are likely to want to plant a few more trees and shrubs prompted me to go online to The Tree Center and see what was available. While doing so, I learned a lot more about trees and how you can use them to enhance your garden.
Create a focal point
A tree or a large shrub is a very easy way to create a stunning focal point for your garden. If you have a large lawn, simply planting a cherry tree in the center is all you need to do. In the spring, you get to enjoy the blossom. Later the fruit comes in. Even in the winter, when the leaves have dropped, your cherry tree will still look interesting.
Growing food for your family
If you want to you can buy the type of cherry tree that produces edible fruit. There are plenty of choices. You can even grow citrus fruit in trees on your patio. But, when it gets cold, you will need to bring them inside. If you have a small garden just plant dwarf fruit trees, instead. Or, tree varieties that can be trained to grow against a fence.
Habitat for wildlife
Flowering trees and shrubs are both good food sources for pollinating insects. So, if you want to help the bees planting one or two, in your garden is something you can do. Some varieties will also attract butterflies.
Protecting your home from the elements
If you live in a windy place, there are several ways you can use trees and shrubs to protect your home from the worst of the cold winds. There are several approaches you could take.
For example, you could plant a low hedge along the edge of your patio. That way when you are sitting around the table, you will be protected from the worst of the wind. This could enable you to eat outside more often.
It is also possible to use a row of tall trees to divert the worst of a cold wind away from your house. This will make it easier to keep your home warm, during the winter months.
However, when planting trees as a windbreak you do need to make sure that you do not inadvertently leave your home sitting in the shade too much, during the winter months. Should that happen you will have issues with cold and damp. You can easily find out how to avoid creating this issue by using the government’s energy advice website.

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