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Dental Health: The Health Nobody Wants to Talk About

We all talk about losing weight, gaining muscle, having a perfect balance between physical and mental health. We take care of our BMI, make lots of dieting chart, and cheat meal day. But we neglect the only place through which we intake food – our mouth. Almost 8,000 Americans die because of oral cancer. Most of them are baby boomer but children from low-income family also likely to have twice the amount of tooth decay as compared to an average child.

Almost 23% of the adult doesn’t like to show their teeth due to social embarrassment. As much as good health of your teeth is important; having a good set of teeth is also a necessity with the help of a professional Dentist in Coconut Grove. People with teeth deformity are less likely to be recruited as compared to the normal one. Which also lead to reduced social participation? Almost 1 in 4 adult doesn’t show their teeth while smiling or taking a picture, because of the condition of their teeth and mouth.
So physically and mentally, you will be affected by oral health if one doesn’t take care of the small problem before they turn into significant. 
How Poor Dental Hygiene Affect the Body
When I was a kid, one of the worst habit of mine was to suck my thumb. The practice was so severe that I didn’t stop for at least a good handful of years. That made by front tooth stick a bit outside. It was like the mixture of having bugs bunny teeth and gorilla’s set of the jawline. This leads me to have poor dental hygiene as I stopped caring for it. 

At first, I suffered from cavities, to make me realize the severance of neglecting oral health. My doctor gave me a list of disease which I couldn’t believe have a connection with oral hygiene. 

Here are some of the diseases you can get:
•    Cardiovascular Diseases – There are millions of bacteria in your mouth and inflammation from any of those can directly be entered into your bloodstream, making you more prone to heart disease.
•    Dementia – Gingivitis which is a form of gum inflammation can enter your brain through blood or nerves causing you dementia.
•    Diabetes – Inflammation in your mouth can create the problem in controlling your blood sugar count, increasing your chances of getting diabetes.

Adults are more prone to such disease, but children can also develop the problem of their own. Just like I had a prolonged face problem mouth many other children are at the stake of cavities, root canal and irregular falling of milk teeth. 
 My fear of having to face so many diseases made me change my health routine. But prevention doesn’t have to start when the problem comes. So I made sure that my children are already into the habits of good health hygiene.
My second born was premature and took a long time to develop teeth. So I wanted that both of my children underwent routine dental checkups. Hence, I needed a Pediatric Dentistry. I searched it in my neighborhood and came across Kidshappyteeth which is a Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.
As both of my children needed braces and examination, choosing Kids happy teeth was the best choice I come across with. They explained everything that I needed to know about the falling of milk teeth and gave a full teeth examination and explaining every details and query I had along the way.
There are quite a few services offered in Pediatric Dentistry:
•    Examination
•    Cleaning and Fluoride
•    Oral Hygiene Instructions
•    Panoramic Radiograph
•    Sealants
•    Tooth Colored Fillings
•    Stainless Steel Crown
•    Pulp Treatment
•    Space Maintainers
•    Nitrous Oxide
•    General Anesthesia
•    Interceptive Orthodontics
One of the advantages of having to choose this clinic is the variety of dental insurance they support. Kids happy teeth are located at five different locations in Georgia – Roswell, Milton, Perimeter, Duluth, and Canton. Each of the places has its own set of insurance they accept. If you aren’t sure of your coverage, their site is very well filled with the information.
Making appointments and bill payment was extremely easy for me. You can make an appointment through the site, and they have an excellent online bill payments system according to the city where you had your visit.
I was not sure as to how to prepare my child before the visit. You see a child tends to get scared at the site of the white coat. No matter if it’s their body checkups or dental. So I researched everything before, and they have described explicitly as to how to prep your child before the visit. It was a huge help from their site as it was my first time with them.
One thing to remember is that except Duluth you can have both pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics in the rest of the place. And if you like to prep beforehand, you can choose their online registration available at all the centers. 
How to Take Care of Your Teeth
Prevention starts at our home, if we are wise enough to tackle the small problem before they convert into a big one then, the frequent trip to the dentist will settle to only routine checkups.

•    Brush your teeth
•    Use toothpaste and mouthwash that contains Fluoride
•    Cut down the consumption of sugar-coated snacks
•    Eat lots of vegetables and drink enough water
•    Take good care of your tongue
•    Have routine checkups 

In The End
The choice of maintaining good oral hygiene lies at our own hands. Parents should teach their children the merits of having good oral hygiene. If we can take care of our own body, then why not teeth? Dental health is significant. If we can instill proper brushing and flossing habits now, that is the basis for years and years into adulthood. Two minutes, two times a day. And remember the saying by soupy sales – Be true to your teeth and they won’t be false to you. Be sure to do your own research and check out this reliable source for more information.

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