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Decorative Concrete Flooring: 6 Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re building a new property or renovating your present home, or if you simply want to redo damaged or outdated flooring in your home or office, decorative concrete is an option worth exploring. It comes in a wide range of colors, textures, and designs that can be customized to your liking, and it is also a cost-effective alternative to conventional flooring.

Here are some key questions and answers that will help you determine if the decorative concrete flooring is the right choice for your indoor and outdoor spaces.
What exactly is decorative concrete?
Decorative concrete comprises of materials used to make regular building concrete, enhanced by adding colors, aggregates, and design elements to turn it into an aesthetically advanced flooring material. Further, special materials and finishes are added to make decorative concrete flooring non-porous and non-slippery.
Decorative concrete has become increasingly popular with construction companies, home designers and architects as a durable, strong, viable and beautiful alternative to traditional flooring choices. In fact, concrete floor grinding sydney can make quick work of replacing an existing concrete floor with a new one.
Isn’t concrete flooring more suitable for commercial buildings and factories?
This is an age-old perception based on the limited type of boring concrete floors we’ve all seen growing up. These days, decorative concrete floor solutions come in a myriad of designs, finishes, and materials perfectly suitable for homes and their surrounding areas.
According to Todd Petersen from www.decorativeconcretewa.com.au, decorative concrete is a major design trend in homes right now, and is steadily on the rise. Decorative concrete crafted by experts adds a distinct visual appeal to your home at an affordable price. Its durability and low maintenance have made it a preferred choice across the beautiful suburbs of Perth and beyond.
What are the different types of decorative concrete flooring systems?
Concrete flooring comes in many forms. Exposed aggregate is one of the most common types of decorative concrete. It has a textured surface and is typically used in driveways, patios, walkways, and gardens. It can be customized based on individual taste and preferences. Honed aggregate carries a satin-like finish which is achieved by grinding down the materials used in exposed aggregate.
Polished concrete is more expensive and results in a smooth, shiny, glass-like finish perfect for luxe home interiors. Then there are other advanced options such as glow-in-the-dark concrete, polished concrete veneer (PCV) and liquid limestone flooring. A good decorative flooring company can help you choose the right option best suited for your space and create the exact design you want.
Is concrete flooring environment-friendly?
While it is not considered a “green” material, concrete has several benefits for the environment-conscious homeowner. Concrete may well be called a sustainable flooring material because of several reasons—it absorbs and retains heat, which helps keep a space warm and brings energy savings; it is a porous material, a quality which helps avoid flooding during rains and replenishes the water table; and it stays good for years to come, saving your money and the environment in the long run. Lastly, when you want to change your flooring, decorative concrete can be removed and recycled into new flooring material.
How does decorative concrete fair against hardwood flooring?
While hardwood floors have been the preferred choice in new and renovation projects, an increasing number of Perth homeowners are now opting for decorative concrete floors for several reasons. One reason is the endless design options and the freedom to choose from a large range of colors, designs, stones, and finishes to suit individual tastes.
Another big reason is that concrete flooring is much easier to clean and maintain compared to hardwood, and it can easily withstand wear and tear. Unlike wood flooring, it won’t require refinishing or special cleaning products to keep looking great for years. A coat of non-toxic sealant makes it waterproof and protects against mold, mildew, and dust.
Contrary to popular perception, decorative concrete flooring can be installed anywhere, including your bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, pool deck, patio, alfresco area, and garden.
Does decorative concrete affect the value of a property?
Yes, well-finished decorative concrete not only enhances your home aesthetically, it also adds to the value of your real estate. This is because decorative concrete aggregate can drastically improve the curb appeal of your home and add an element of subdued luxury to its appearance.

In the real estate market, the smallest details make the biggest difference in influencing buyer decisions, and decorative concrete is a worthy investment. With a uniquely designed driveway and patio, it’ll be hard for potential buyers to pass up your home as just another property on the street.

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