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Cooling Capes Keep Your Littles Cool All Summer

Summer is right around the corner, or so I hope. The weather here has been crazy for May and the start of June. As it does get warmer out, though, my boys get hot and burned. We are all so fair skinned and my boys have always been prone to overheating. We do have a pool and a water table that we use almost daily. For other times when we don’t have those available, it can be difficult to stay cool. Now we have a Cooling Cape for Maverick to wear when it's too hot.

I’m thrilled to have a Cooling Cape for Maverick this summer. We love to be outside and I know he will use it when it’s hot outside. It’ll keep him cool and protected from the sun.

Cooling Capes are designed to keep kids comfortable, cool, and protected from the sun on hot days. The soft towel material is easy on any little one’s skin while the hood protects the neck and head.

With UV 50 protection and the cooling mesh material, kids can use the Cooling Cape outside while playing, on the beach, or wherever they need to cool off.

Just soak in the soaking pouch and it is ready to go! The soaking pouch is also the storing pouch for easy travel. You can take it with you on hikes, camping, outdoors anywhere that's going to be hot and you need your little one to cool down.

My two boys are prone to be warm, but especially Maverick. With summer weather quickly approaching, I was so excited to try the Cooling Cape. It is so easy to use and something fun and different for my littlest.

He loved how refreshing the Cooling Cape was and using it outside.

Want it? Buy it!

Cooling Capes come in sizes for tiny babies to adults.

Cooling Capes Pricing

Toddlers (3-24 months) $40.00

Kids 3-12 $45.00

Kids 13-18 & Adults 19+ $55.00

I love functional and practical products and the Cooling Capes are definitely both.

Where would you stay cool with Cooling Capes?

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