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Benefits of moving your business to North Carolina

In the times during and after the Great Recession, business owners in the USA have had trouble coping with the unfavorable economy. While things have greatly improved since the consequences of the recession can still be felt. Businesses are still trying to lower their expenses while hiring the best workers they can. We can be optimistic about the future, so the business owners are looking to prepare for the future, while at the same time trying to do the best they can on the current market. One of the ways to do that is to move your business to another state, one that provides lower taxes, plenty of high-quality workers to choose from, and a great location. And North Carolina definitely fits the bill. In this article, we'll explain in more in detail what are the benefits of moving your business to North Carolina.
Low Taxes and Business Costs

In terms of gross domestic product, North Carolina is the ninth most successful state in the USA. North Carolina's GDP amounts to 442 billion dollars, which is an impressive figure. Coincidence? We don't think so. The state authorities claim that they want to help businesses expand, and that's easily seen.

First of all, North Carolina offers the lowest corporate income tax in all of USA - 2.5 percent. What's more, business costs are low as well. While they're not the lowest in the nation, they are well below average. Building costs are 16 percent less than what is average in the United States, while electricity costs go 7 percent below average.

Together with an extremely low corporate income tax, this means that businesses can save a lot of money in North Carolina. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should stop saving money, so if you decide that moving your business to North Carolina is the right thing to do, you should hire a cheap, but reliable moving company. We recommend Moving Kings NC, as they're very good when it comes to moving your business, and their services won't drain you of money and leave you vulnerable in the cutthroat world of business.

Great infrastructure

North Carolina can boast with being on a great location when it comes to your business needs. You can reach almost half of the states after only one day of driving. There are four international airports in North Carolina, and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is the fifth busiest hub of its kind in the USA. Then, there's two ports in North Carolina (the Port of Morehead City and the Port of Wilmington), that provide transport services along the Atlantic shipping lines.

What's more, North Carolina's railroad system is the biggest consolidated rail system in the nation. The railroads are also connected to the ports that we have mentioned. This makes it easy to deal with a larger market in terms of import and export. Apart from that, the second biggest state-owned highway can be found in North Carolina. Some of its arteries are very useful when it comes to transportation. I-85 connects North Carolina with the manufacturing center of the southeastern part of the country. If you drive along I-40, you'll go from one coast to another, all the way from North Carolina to California. And I-95 connects New England with Florida.

The high-quality education system provides plenty of skilled workers

North Carolina and its capital city Raleigh are proud to have a top-quality education system. Three of the colleges in Raleigh are among the finest colleges in the United States. These are the Duke University, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and, of course, the North Carolina State University. The fact that these colleges are so good has profoundly influenced the general education status of North Carolinians. Namely, an impressive percentage of the people who live in North Carolina have a college degree - 42 percent!

This means that if you decide that moving your business to North Carolina is the right thing to do, you'll have a wide range of highly educated potential workers to choose from. Studying at these respected colleges has surely prepared most of their graduates to become one of the most skilled workers in their respective fields. And of course, having a highly trained and skilled staff is very important for any business. That was, for example, certainly one of the main reasons why American Profit Recovery, an agency that has an office in North Carolina, was named one of the best places to work in the collection industry.

The Research Triangle Park can be great for business

Then, there's the fact that the Research Triangle Park is located in Raleigh. This park is one of the top research parks in the United States. Some people even consider it to be the most successful park of its kind in all of the USA. The companies that have set up shop in the Research Triangle Park mostly work in high-tech and biotech industries. However, there are also plenty of of companies that are offering business and professional services. There are currently more than 170 companies working in the Research Triangle Park, including IBM, Fidelity, and Cisco.

If you move your business to the Research Triangle Park, you can enjoy the benefits in terms of business and staffing for companies that call the RTP their home. The average salary for workers who are employed at the businesses that have set shop in the Research Triangle Park is 56.000 dollars year. That is an impressive figure, as it about 45 percent above the average wage that people earn in the region, as well as nationwide. 

However, not any company can be granted permission to operate there, so be sure to check out our guide on what makes a business run efficiently. You say that your business is already running efficiently enough? Sure, but there's always the chance that you haven't thought of something...

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  1. Interesting post. We drove up last weekend to visit friends in NC for the holiday. It is really beautiful there!


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