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Thanks to All He Loves- for products to sample in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts are my own.

All he loves box is filled with unique and practical products that all guys love.
I don't know about you, but my husband is the glue that holds my family together and I like to spoil him with gifts from time to time.  The problem?  What do you get a man that has everything or buys what he wants himself?  These questions are answered with All He Loves Box.

What is All He Loves Box?
This is one of the first men lifestyle subscription boxes.  For $32.00+ per month you can send your guy quality electronics, cool gadgets, survival gear, and so much more.  The best part is it isn't automatic.  You can pick which months to buy and each time is a surprise.  Of course there are sneak peaks, but I love the surprise factor.

My box- A Drink-Ware Box Advanced
Selected for me and featuring the best drink wares a guy (or I) could ask for.

Introducing the Beast-
The beast is a 20 ounce stainless steel tumbler.  Ideal for drinks hot or cold.
I have to admit I "stole" this one from my husband because it is Amazing.  I only drink ice cold water.  This tumbler keeps my water cold my entire work day.

Hyper Chiller-
Like iced coffee?  This gadget makes coffee fresh brewed hot cot in 60 seconds.  I am a coffee drinker and nothing is worse than depriving yourself coffee when the weather gets warm.  Iced coffee is a great alternative and the Hyper Chiller makes it just that much easier.

Spirit Glass-
For the liquor connoisseur or the man wanting to act like one the spirit glasses by Neat have a unique design that allows any level connoisseur a proper experience of drinking by removing ethanol smells and leaving only the liquor to experience.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Allheloves.com to check out all the fun boxes you can pick from.
You can choose the box or boxes that will fit your budget and make your guy feel special.  The best go to place for Father's Day.
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