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7 Ways to Create DIY Souvenirs

Your wedding is such a wonderful time to bond with those that you love. Since it's likely that many friends and family will be coming from all over to celebrate your special day, it makes sense that you want to have a celebration that lives up to their expectations. And, since they'll be coming from all walks of life to celebrate you, you also want to make sure they know how much they're valued.

This is why finding the right wedding souvenirs can be essential to making sure that people feel incredibly welcomed and take the happiness your wedding brings with them once they leave! However, souvenirs can be expensive, and—after you've already planned for an expensive wedding ceremony to begin with—you're probably wondering how you can save some money in the process, right?

That's why we're here to help. In fact, Do It Yourself (DIY) souvenirs can be a way for you to keep your budget low and also have some bonding time with your significant other before the ceremony! DIY gifts are typically very intimate as well, making it a wonderful experience for everybody involved.

This is why we've compiled a list of some souvenirs you can make from scratch that are just as elegant as they are easy to assemble!

So, here's our list of 7 Ways to Create DIY Souvenirs:

7. Succulents

This might seem like a peculiar gift to give people at a wedding, but it can actually be quite special. Simply buy a number of small pots and succulents, afterwards potting them yourself. For extra flair, add a tag indicating the happy couple and you've got yourselves a wonderful souvenir!

You don't have to worry about anybody who isn't savvy with plants, though. Succulents are very easy to take care of and require little watering, meaning that anybody can learn the ropes quickly! This souvenir is also good because it will forever give your guests something that reminds them of the wedding!

6. Personalized Candy

Did you know that you can easily personalize your own candy? For example, getting your own kind of M&Ms is a very simple process thanks to sites such as MyM&Ms! All you have to do for this souvenir is get some personalized candies with the names (or faces) of you and your spouse on them, purchase jars to place them in, and print labels for each jar. Now everybody attending can have something sweet to remind them of your wonderful night!

5. Plant Seeds

One of the most wonderful parts about a wedding is that two people are coming together to not just declare their love for each other, but to commit to building a life. This is why giving your guests seeds that they can bury anywhere they want is a great way to continue this symbolism, inviting them to bring the wedding home with them and grow something of their own. It's also a very easy gift to get—once you decide on which type of plant you want to give (might we suggest flowers?), just purchase a good deal of seeds in bulk and put them into small, individual envelopes.
4. Chocolate Covered Oreos

You might think that giving away treats is something reserved for professional chefs, but this isn't necessarily the case. In fact, making chocolate covered Oreos can be an incredibly easy task that almost anyone can do! Just take a look at this recipe from The Spruce Eats—it only takes 30 minutes to prepare. Bonus points if you wrap your Oreos in tissue paper after and seal the ends so you can give them out individually.

3. Homemade Jam

Giving something homemade to each of your guests is a wonderful way to give them a part of you in return for them coming to your special celebration. Making jam at home is also an incredibly intimate activity that you can easily do with your fiancé! Check out this recipe from Lord Byron's Kitchen to see for yourself!

2. Cocktail Assembly Kits

One of the most fun parts about weddings is the reception, where everybody can let loose and have a drink (or two, or three)! Getting jars, filling them with sodas, and attaching little bottles of liquor to them can be a great way to give your guests a "cap off" for the evening once they get back to where they're staying safe and sound!

1. A Mixtape

One of the most effective ways to connect with others is through sharing music tastes. This is why mixtapes can be such personal items, allowing one person to see truly into another's soul. At an occasion where you're already inviting people to see into an intimate part of your life, giving away mixtapes is a perfectly fitting gift that summarizes the exact types of relationships you should be cultivating on such a wonderful day. To do this, just get blank CDs and burn some songs to them, whether that's songs you want the guests to hear or songs that the married couple shares in common. After this, put them in unique CD cases that you've handmade from markers and paper!

What did you think of our list of DIY wedding souvenirs? Are there any you're excited to try? Regardless of which souvenirs you give out, be sure to check out and consider our Perth showroom for your wedding planning! Want more ideas on DIY gifts you can create? Check out this great resource

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