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5 Ways to Add Additional Income Streams to Your Family

When you’ve got a big family, there are lots of heads to take care of, plenty of mouths to feed, and never a dull moment. Making sure everyone is cared for when there are three, four, five, six, or more people comes at a high price. Sometimes, you wish there was just a little bit more leftover in the monthly budget to splurge on a family day of fun or a date night here and there.

 Nowadays, we’re pretty lucky to have so many options available that allow us to bring in additional income streams without disrupting our current ones. We can have a side hustle that gives us more freedom to spend on the people we care about the most!

But just how do you go about finding these extra income streams? Word of mouth is good, but some methods are still under the radar. We’ve gathered up some of the best ways to earn additional income because a little extra spending cash never hurt anyone.

Here are five easy ways to start making more:

1. Start a Blog

Blogs don’t just have to be space for family pictures and quick posts. Starting a blog can be a fruitful way to add income to your family. If you can find advertising or sponsorship partners, that’s where the additional dollars can come from.

Finding products and brands you believe in and blogging about your experiences can help you reach new customers, and businesses will reward you for it. If you have a particular niche of specialty that you know a lot about, that might be a great place to start as far as blog content goes.

2. Begin Investing

Investing is another great way to earn extra income without too much extra work. If you or your partner are financially savvy and want to try a hand at investing, you can make a lot of returns if you make smart decisions! There are lots of online resources you can use for extra information. This german website, which encourages investors to "REN kaufen" (buy REN), is a great resource if you want to invest in cryptocurrency.

Investing is also a great way to show support for companies and brands you love in a big way, and it will make the ROI feel even better when it hits the bank account.

3. Hubby AKA Contractor

Have a Mr. Fix-It husband? If you have a handyman around the house, why not use those skills to make some extra cash on the weekends? Try convincing him – soon, you can ask friends, family, and neighbors to be clients. He can handle their pesky home improvement projects or issues!

Just remember, he’ll have to get his contractors license first. Every state has its own license requirements: what’s required in Tennessee is different than New York, for example. In every state, there are training centers that will prepare a new contractor to pass their exams the first try and get licensed fast.

4. Freelance It

If you have services to offer but you’re not necessarily a handyperson, consider offering your services on a freelance basis! You don’t even need a market to begin offering this, because there are so many built-in online!

Places like Fiverr will let you sell your skills and products to individuals worldwide and help make the transaction a smooth one. By helping people do the things you’re good at, you can find an enjoyable way to make a little more spending cash.
5. Start a Small Business

Have something you could sell on the side?! Why not make it into a little business! From beautifully decorated cookies to handmade jewelry, embroidered baby clothes or gorgeous wreaths for the home, there are so many specialty goods you could make and sell to your local community (or online!). You’ll make a return on your investment while enjoying a hobby that feeds the soul.

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