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40 Years of Movies- OH MY!

D and R at a Movie Screening 

You guys, I started this list back in 2017 and it was lost in draft form until now! I had seen a friend share a list of their favorite movies, starting from the year they were born to the current year. I really liked the idea and thought it would make a fun blog post. In most cases, it was difficult to select only one movie for each year.

Now, I'm no movie critic, so the movies I am sharing are movies that I personally enjoyed watching. Like I mentioned above, it wasn't an easy task to select just one movie for each year. In fact, starting around the 1983 mark, I almost resorted to "eeny meeny miney moe" to pick a favorite! 

1979- The Jerk
1980- 9 to 5
1981- The Fox and the Hound

1982- E.T
1983- A Christmas Story
1984- Gremlins

The Goonies Poster
1985- The Goonies
1986- Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1987- Dirty Dancing

Big Poster

1988- Big
1989- Little Monsters
1990- Home Alone

Hook Poster
1991- Hook
1992- Aladdin
1993- Dazed and Confused

Reality Bites Poster

1994- Reality Bites
1995- Casper
1996- That Thing You Do

1997- Anastasia
1998- The Wedding Singer
1999- American Pie

28 Days Poster

2000- 28 Days
2001- The Others
2002- Scooby Doo

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Poster

2003- The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
2004- 13 Going on 30
2005- Chicken Little

Stranger Than Fiction Poster

2006- Stranger Than Fiction
2007- Meet the Robinsons
2008- Bolt

Zombieland Poster

2009- Zombieland
2010- Toy Story 3
2011- Just Go With It

Brave Poster

2012- Brave
2013- We're the Millers
2014- Guardians of the Galaxy


2015- Ant-Man
2016- Moana
2017- Wonder

2018- Ready Player One
2019- Avengers: Endgame- I know it's early, but I love this movie so much and I just don't see anything being able to top it.

If there are some movies on this list that you haven't seen, I hope you'll check them out. I'd love to see your lists too! 
Let's talk movies on MBP social media. Drop a comment below or catch me at @mommysblockparty on FB.

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