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Why It's Important to Keep Your Writing Simple

The main purpose of simple writing is to convey your message in a clear way. This helps readers clearly understand what you are trying to tell them. Simple language is considered as a great tool to market products and services in the business sector as well. Plain writing style includes not only using proper sentence structure, grammar and punctuation but also writing in an obvious manner. In order to achieve this, one should select words that convey your ideas most clearly. Following simple grammatical rules also help in basic writing. It is very significant to avoid all kinds of unnecessary redundancies and phrases.

Useful Simple Writing Techniques
These writing tips can play a vital role in making your writing easily understandable.
Selection of Words
General English words have two kinds of meanings: a connotative meaning (the expressive effect of a word) and a denotative meaning (the dictionary meaning of a word). The connotation can be either negative or positive. For instance, the words “thin, skinny and slender” have the identical denotative meaning, but very dissimilar connotations.
Elimination of needless phrases
There is no need to use words or phrases that are unnecessary. Use of such pointless expressions makes the writing superfluous and a bit insane. See this example.
Proper: We will be traveling in ten days.
Improper: We will be traveling in a period of ten days.
In the above example, there is no need for the phrase ‘a period of’.
Use Simple Words
It is very important to make use of simple words while creating write-ups so at some point it’s even better to get your online assignment help in Melbourne or in any other city to make it simple. Use of difficult expressions makes the writing look very odd to people. The target audience of your writing should be common people who may not be aware of difficult words and their meanings.
Prefer Active Voice
Active voice sentences deliver straightforward understanding to readers. On the contrary, passive voice sentences are sometimes a little bit difficult to comprehend. See the example below
Proper (Active voice):  This week, the jury decided to vote on the problem.
Improper (Passive voice): A decision to vote on the problem was made by the jury this week.
It is advisable to check your writing for plagiarism to make sure it’s unique to leave a nice impression on readers.
Everyone seems busy in today’s world and it’s not feasible for people to spend time on reading complex documents. Simple writing, on the other hand, saves time as it requires less time to read. Difficult writing causes readers to lose interest as they don’t feel comfortable while reading complex words and sentences. Plain language conveys the message in less time and more people are able to understand the message. Documents containing simple words will not be misunderstood and you won’t have to explain to everyone. Hence, several studies have shown that simple writing saves time, money and personal resources.
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Jeff Blaylock is an established content writer with extensive experience in simple writing. His writing style is based on simplicity as it is the key to brilliance. He has covered several straightforward topics in his write-ups. His published articles portray a clear picture of the writer’s ideas.

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