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Turning the Other Cheek- Life Lessons

One of the hardest lessons that I have learned is that someone may take your words out of context, be unhappy with you over something, or just plain not like you.  I am a people pleaser, but that does not mean I don't get my feelings hurt or want to say something in anger when I feel attacked.  It is human nature.  It is how you move passed it that gives the greatest lesson.
I have shared personal ponderings, feelings, and stories because I think that everyone can learn from someone else.  I share these with my children, family, friends, and most recently- you- our readers.  I learn things about people when I read what they have to say and even if I do not agree with them I try my best not to place judgment on them.  My beliefs are my own just as theirs are to them.  In my 37 years, I have learned that you cannot please everyone.  It is sad to say it but some personalities do not mesh well.

 E has been having an issue at school the last few weeks with another student who wants to pursue a friendship that E does not want to have.  This has caused some "drama" in which the other person has created public scenes to embarrass or engage a reaction from E.  E is a quiet child.  He keeps to himself and focuses on his personal goals for his future.  At almost 18, he is becoming a man and he has his life planned out and one burst of anger or hurt feelings could be a mistake that will affect his future.

So how do you encourage your children to turn the other cheek?

      My parents used to say the phrase "Consider the source"
If someone said something mean about my friends or I and I would get frustrated they would quote that like a mantra.  As as teen I didn't want to hear it, but I am seeing so much validity in it now.
People will say things that are mean, but they only have credibility if you give it.

I tell my children the same mantra, but with a spin- No one can make you feel bad about you unless you aren't looking at a worthy source.

You should not measure your worth, value, or experience based on someone else.  They have not lived in your shoes and lived your life.

It is my opinion that if you teach your children their self worth when they are young they are less likely to...
A. Bully someone or get bullied
B. Get poor grades
C. Believe a bad source

There are times that sticking up for yourself is everything.  More often than not it is learning to turn the other cheek.  The opinions of others do not define you.  They enhance who you already are.

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