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Tommorow I wake up the mom of two 9-year-olds... but they aren't twins!

Tomorrow is practically my most favorite day of the year... it's my little man's birthday which make both he and my middle daughter the same age! Tomorrow, they will both be 9! I always think these 3 weeks that they are the same age are so fun. They on the other hand are so annoyed that they will both be 9 for the next couple weeks. They are 11 months apart from each other and couldn't be more different if they tried! LOL

One is head strong and stubborn and always a ruckus... the other is so peaceful and self content... i'll let you all guess which is which 😉

We live right outside of Chicago... and the two of them can't even agree on which baseball team to root for!!! LOL.

So today I put this wish out into the world.. May he enjoy his 9th Birthday, may the two of them have another fantastic year together of battling to near death over who gets to open the car door on the way to school or who gets to get the milk out of the fridge, and may they someday enjoy this cool bond that they get to share to not be actual twins but Irish twins where they get to be the same age for a few weeks each and every year!

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