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Timeless Style: Top Tips on How to Pick a Watch for the Man in Your Life

The number one item on the list of gifts that dads actually want for Father’s Day this year? An effortlessly fashionable watch.
Forget about the crazy socks, cologne and shaving set. This year, it’s all about finding a timeless, fashionable watch for the man in your life.
As a busy mom and loving wife, it might be hard to figure out how to pick a watch that your man will love. The key to finding the perfect watch? Read these seven tips to find out.

Understand the Different Styles

Men’s watches are such a staple of male fashion that there are numerous different styles and categories to choose from. And, they all have their own different look. Some of the most popular styles include:
Dress watches compliment a formal business suit. This means that the design itself is simple as the real goal is to act as an accessory.

Aviator watches are more timeless and include more features such as a chronograph. IWC Portuguese makes aviator-like watches that are a little more modern, just in case your hubby is looking for a more timeless piece.

Dive watches tend to be more industrial and heavy-duty. They’ll be waterproof and designed to withstand more rugged situations.

Any proper men’s watch guide will be able to tell you exactly what category the watch falls into. If you have doubts, consult the man you’re buying the watch for!

Consider His Interests

Now that you understand a little more about the different styles available, you’ll want to think about the man’s interests.

Is he an adventurer? Is he more into sports? Does he love being an intellectual?

You might also consider his hopes and dreams. Has he always wanted to get SCUBA certified? Purchase a dive watch as a way to give him that extra push.

Has he always wanted to get his pilot’s license? Give him an aviator watch as a way to show him that you support that dream. Even if he never goes for it, the aviator watch is a great reminder of something he feels passionate about.

All of these questions can help you figure out how to pick a watch for the special man in your life.

Picking a gift for Father’s Day shouldn’t be a stressful process. Answering questions like this from the get-go will help you narrow down the choices and find the right watch.

Figure out the Fit

You wouldn’t want to wear a poorly sized ring, would you? Your man doesn’t want to wear a poorly sized watch either.

Manly watches work similar to female ones. It should be properly proportioned to your guy’s wrist. If it is too big, it will stand out and look clunky. If it is too small, it will make you look smaller.

It’s important to note that men’s watch styles vary, and if you’re going to opt for a larger statement piece, then it might look a little bigger. That’s okay! It’s meant to make a bold statement.

Factor in Style

If your husband wears a lot of casual shoes, then you won’t want to purchase him a dress watch. If he loves flashy accessories, then you’ll definitely want to opt for a larger, bulkier watch.

If you can’t quite gauge his interest in any type of watch, have him flip through a watch guide and watch his reactions to certain styles.

Think about his style preferences when it comes to clothes. If he wears a lot of earthy tones then you can purchase a watch with a brown strap to compliment the colors.

If he doesn’t normally wear watches, then it’s best to start off with a simple watch that will help him ease into the style. Don’t go for something too expensive. However, don’t go for something too cheap that he won’t ever want to wear.

Consider Modern Sophistication

Okay, so it’s a good idea to factor in your man’s style when purchasing a watch as a gift. However, if you really want to surprise him, then consider going with modern sophistication.

Watches like the Rolex Datejust 41 and the Emporio Armani Chronograph Mesh are great options for higher-end pieces that will last for years to come.

These types of watched are great as gifts from the whole family or as special gifts. They’re a little more on the pricey end of things, but if you want to really surprise your husband or father, they make for timeless gifts.

Timex makes watches similar to what luxury brands offer but without the price tag. You can usually find a luxury-looking piece from Timex for less than $50.

Don’t Be Afraid of Budget Watches

A watch doesn’t have to be expensive to be high-quality. There are plenty of reasonably priced watches that are name brand!

A budget-minded mom can find great options with brands like Daniel Wellington or even Hugo Boss. You can even get away with a Mossimo watch from your local Target as long as the fit is right and the colors match your man’s wardrobe.

If you want to save without skimping on style, try pairing the watch with other accessories or skincare items and gift them as a package. These types of deals can sometimes be cheaper and will create a consistent yet stylish look.

Don’t Stress About How to Pick a Watch

The true value of a gift is the thought that went into picking it out. While it’s great to think about style, fit, and sophistication, the process of picking out a watch shouldn’t stress you out. Something simple like military g shock watches are a great fit for every style.

Want to really know how to pick a watch that your husband or father will love this Father’s Day? Don’t stress. Go with your instinct and purchase one that you know they’ll love.

If you present it with love and care, they’ll enjoy the present no matter what. It’s a huge plus if the fit is perfect and the style is exactly what they’ve always dreamed of.

As always, use the gift-giving time as a way to show your appreciation and inspire the man in your life to dream bigger.

If you still need more inspiration, head over to the fashion section of our blog for tips for you and your loved ones.

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