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The COOLEST & EASIEST easter eggs you will ever decorate with the Eggmazing egg decorator!!! #MBPEaster19

Thanks to eggmazing for providing this product for our review. All thoughts and opinions are our own =)

My oldest daughter is 15, so we have been decorating eggs for YEARS! If you are like me, you always dread this project! The smell, the mess, the disappointment that the eggs are never quite the color they want, or their decorating skills didn't quite add up to be as amazing as the egg pictured on the box of the kit they bought. Well- Eggmazing is a GAME CHANGER!

All you will need is some AA batteries and a whole bunch of hard boiled eggs. Everything else is included in the kit. Each kit comes with the adorable egg shaped Eggmazing decorator and 8 colorful non-toxic markers.

They were super excited for this project. I had told them we would be doing eggs after school, and they jumped off the bus dying to start! 

They could not wait to bust their kits open and see what these were all about. They were super excited about all the bright colored markers for their color choices!

You just set the hard boiled egg in the center and click it on. They were so nervous to start! The eggs looked so cool on the box and they wanted theirs to look amazing as well.

As quick as the egg was spinning, their confidence in doing it grew! I could see their eyes glowing seeing that what they wanted the egg to look like was happening!

First eggs DONE! They were so excited!!!! They couldn't believe what they wanted was right there on the egg. You guys... the best part... THERE WAS NO MESS!!!!! They decorated the egg in its entirety, turn off the eggmazing decorator, and picked the egg up!!! No wet egg, no dyed fingers, it really is EGGMAZING!

They all turned out SO cute, and they were so proud of themselves! They could not wait to show them off. I'm not going to lie... my husband and I both are dying to try it. Even the teenage daughter wants to do it! It looks SO FUN!!! I am going to buy more eggs today for the three of us to be able to use the Eggmazing kit!

They had plans in their heads for each one they decorated. They were talking over the eggs and telling each other their plans.

MK even got super creative on the last egg and drew butterflies on it first, then spun it. Isn't it adorable?!? I can honestly say I have never seen my kids so happy with the way their eggs turned out, and I have never been so happy with the entire process of decorating! There was not one single drop of mess and the eggs look EGGMAZING!

I will never decorate eggs the "Old Fashioned" way again! The eggmazing kit is a game changer! You guys seriously need to try it out!

WANT IT?!? BUY IT!!!!!
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