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St. Croix Chocolates Will Wow Your Little Chicks this Easter! #MBPEaster19

So much thanks to St. Croix Chocolates for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

I tend to become a bit competitive around holidays, birthdays, and special occasions... competitive with myself, that is. It may sound silly, but I have a reputation among my family members for going above and beyond with birthday parties, excursions, holiday gifts & treats. Gifts are my love language, and it honestly brings me so much joy to make the people I love most in the world happy by giving them something they will love, cherish, and hopefully remember down the road. I don't expect a thing in return, my only hope is to see their eyes filled with immeasurable joy, which is the best gift I could ask for.

We don't really think about Easter as being a holiday or festival that's about giving, but to me, it's absolutely about a gift. After all, Jesus gave His life so that we might freely live. The gift of salvation is the greatest gift of all- one that's hard to fathom- one that when I stop and think about it, makes me tear up and fall to my knees with my hands lifted high to the heavens, able only to whisper 'thank you, Jesus.'

When I was a little girl, Easter was such a big celebration. After we walked the journey to the cross with Jesus during Holy Week, our family would joyously celebrate His resurrection at church on Easter Sunday morning (still do!), and follow that with a big Easter dinner with the extended family, an egg hunt, and of course, we were presented with big Easter baskets, filled with treats and chocolates.

Say hello to gorgeous chocolates for Easter by St. Croix Chocolate Co.

Robyn Dochterman owns and runs St. Croix Chocolate Company in Minnesota, and while every chocolate shop makes chocolate bunnies (they do too), they've gone beyond the bunny. St. Croix Chocolate Co. makes chocolate hedgehogs, sheep, pigs, and even a foot-tall green chocolate crocodile. Their wonderful customers absolutely adore these and they often have lines out the door at Eastertime. 

I was so excited to receive some gorgeous chocolates from Robyn for Easter. All of their chocolates are beautiful and absolutely delicious!

Hand Decorated Eggs

No Easter basket is complete without chocolate eggs, and these aren't your average chocolate eggs! These beautiful chocolate eggs are hand decorated- each and every one is unique! They are exquisite, and they are my top pick for Easter treats from St. Croix Chocolate Co. If you want to wow someone special this Easter, you definitely want to put these into their Easter basket!

Who says you can't eat art? Gorgeously hand decorated with cocoa butter and edible glitter, each of these hand-decorated eggs is unique.  

Packed in an Easter-themed box, the eggs will contain our award-winning ganaches in a variety of flavors, such as Peanut Butter, Maple Pecan, Coconut, Lemon Crunch, Mint Chip, and Strawberry.

Classic Chocolates in Spring Patterns

This sweet little box contains four pieces of scrumptious, melt in your mouth chocolates. They are so beautiful- almost too pretty to eat! I cannot wait to see Bean's face on Easter Sunday when she finds this adorable little box of chocolates in her Easter basket!

Four luscious pieces of handmade artisan chocolate, nicely presented in a pretty, seasonal four-piece box. Perfect any time you need to say thanks, I'm thinking of you, or happy spring! Available in 3 patterns.

Don't forget the chocolate bunny!

No Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny!

This is the most gorgeous chocolate bunny I have ever seen. I love that it isn't overly large- it's a great size for kids, or adults. This deep chocolate is heavenly! The bunny is individually packaged and decorated with Easter grass and wrapped chocolate eggs.

Astonishing chocolate friends!

Stunningly beautiful chocolate animal friends- perfect for your Easter table!

When I unwrapped these chocolate animals, I couldn't help but smile a really big smile. We received a chocolate piggy, hedgehog, and chicks! The little yellow chicks are adorable! We're sharing these with my niece, and she's going to love them! The hedgehog is so cute, and I honestly can't wait to taste him. The little piggy was placed aside for my husband. He actually loves pigs, so he's going to be so tickled to see this little chocolate piggy in his Easter basket! I can't wait!

I am so impressed by how beautiful these chocolates are from St. Croix Chocolate Co. If you're in MN, I'd definitely recommend swinging by their chocolate shop to see these in person and grabbing some while you still can before Easter. Check their website for Easter shipping deadlines and store hours.

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to St. Croix Chocolate Co. to see even more beautiful chocolates for springtime and Easter! You can shop online and have their yummy chocolates delivered right to your door in time for Easter.

Connect with St. Croix Chocolate Co. on FB and IG.

Special thanks to St. Croix Chocolate Co. for allowing me to experience and share about their gorgeous chocolates for Easter. Be sure to look for them in our 2019 Easter Gift Guide!

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