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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Fabulous Deep Clean at Home #MBPSpring19

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Ah, spring! It's been so nice to experience warmer weather. With that, the kids are loving being able to go outside and play, which of course means that they are tracking in everything from dirt to sand from the sandbox. The whole family loves being outside, but this momma doesn't love spending hours cleaning up the messes made once we're back inside. After a long winter, our house was in serious need of some deep cleaning, and today, I'm showing you some of my favorite cleaning products to deep clean the home for a fresh and clean springtime refresh!

Freshen Your Home with Febreeze

Febreeze products help freshen the whole house!

I am a longtime fan of Febreeze products. When I was a young adult, still living with my parents, and we still had a dog, we really relied on Febreeze to help eliminate pet odors and keep the house smelling fresh. With kiddos at home, there's no telling what types of 'smells' the day will bring. After months of fighting sickness, dealing with potty training accidents, and general little boy smells, it's Febreeze to the rescue! I use Febreeze to freshen up the couch, the area rugs, the curtains and then use Febreeze AIR to freshen the air in our home. I love the fresh and clean scents, and most of all, love that these products work to eliminate odors without covering them up or overpowering our senses.

Febreze AIR and FABRIC work by seeking out tough odors and deactivating them, replacing them with a light and fresh scent. Febreze AIR is your go-to odor eliminator for the air of any room in your home, and is safe for everyday use as the finishing touch to your spring or summer cleaning routine! Febreze FABRIC works to eliminate lingering odors on all of your hard-to-clean fabrics like carpets, sofas, curtains, and upholstery. 

Febreze AIR is sold for $3.29-$4.49 and Febreze FABRIC is sold for $3.49-$5.49 in a large variety of scents, including seasonal scents for spring, at retailers nationwide. Pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer.

Deep Clean with Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist is my new secret weapon for deep cleaning at home!

If you have black and/or stainless appliances like I do, you know the struggle is real when trying to keep them clean. Every time I wipe down the stove or fridge, I look back and find residue or missed spots of grease or stuck food. Frustrating to say the least. How about the tub, counter, sink, toilets? These are all things I detest having to clean (boys at home- need I say more?), but the Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist is just the right product to help get the job done.

Just spray a little (from any angle), and the product mists out, which prevents overuse. Just a little bit of this goes a long way, and really works well to remove tough spots on appliances and more. Plus, it has a fresh and clean scent, which is much more pleasant than other harsh cleaners.

New: Clean Freak All-Purpose Cleaning Mist

Mr. Clean Clean Freak all-purpose spray removed 100% of dirt, grime and grease on any surface -- including stainless steel! The revolutionary new formula comes in a revolutionary designed bottle that lets you spray upside down.

New: Magic Eraser Sheets

Flexible and thin, Magic Eraser Sheets lets you tackle messes in hard to reach places. These sheets are also great for wiping away really gross and germy messes that you wouldn’t want to keep and reuse like with an entire Magic Eraser block. 

I love these sheets! My littlest love makes big messes, and these are perfect for a quick clean & toss!

Dawn Platinum

While most people know Dawn as the dish soap that best cuts grease in the sink, it’s also the ultimate secret weapon for cleaning greasy messes throughout the home. Dawn is perfect for many household cleaning chores because it’s designed to cut grease and get rid of dirt fast. Dish soap is also a versatile solution beyond messes in the sink! 61% of Americans use dish soap for other purposes besides cleaning dishes -- like pretreating stains, cleaning makeup brushes and much much more.

Dawn is probably the most used product in our home. We rely on it to wash dishes with, but it also helps us scrub stains out of clothing, and I mix it with baking soda and vinegar to clean my bathtub and even clean the tile floors in our home. I wash our baseboards throughout the house with Dawn, we mix it with our car wash liquid, and I use it when cleaning the kiddos toys. It's so gentle, yet cuts through the tough and stubborn grease and stains. We've even worked ink, wine, and blood out of clothing, all thanks to Dawn. Plus- Dawn is great for science experiments with the kids!

Crafted with essential oils, Cascade Pure Essentials is free of phosphates and chlorine but
chock-full of the power needed to get your dishes and silverware sparkling. Unlike some other
natural brands, Cascade Pure Essentials even cleans baked-on foods and is tougher than
stuck-on messes with no pre-wash! So, you're not only saving time - you're saving water (score for you and for the environment)!

We love Cascade, and have been using Cascade Platinum for years! I can't wait to try the new Pure Essentials packs when we wash our dishes. I'm really thankful for such a wonderful brand and product. We run our dishwasher once a day, and Cascade helps to remove stuck on foods, doesn't leave stains behind on containers, and leaves our dishes clean and shiny without that awful smell that some dishwashers project onto newly cleaned dishes. Thanks, Cascade!

I'd definitely recommend having all of these products on hand to help cut your spring cleaning time down. You can find most of these products at retailers like Walmart, Target, and on Amazon.

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Special thanks to P & G for allowing me to sample and share about these wonderful products and brands!

Do you use any of the products I mentioned? How do you use them to get your house ultra clean for springtime? Let's chat spring cleaning with P & G in the comments or on MBP social media @mommysblockparty or @mommysblckparty.

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