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My Toes Are Being Stepped On And That's OK: Joy Is A Choice

Don't you kind of love and hate when Facebook brings up your past memories? 

A few years ago, I had posted the above quote on my Facebook wall. There were some difficulties going on in my personal life that led me to search out inspirational words of wisdom via the most reliable source of all: Pinterest. 

Kidding, kidding. However, I did see this quote and for whatever reason it must have spoken to me in a powerful way in order to post it. Today, Facebook said, "Hey, look at this! Remember me? Have you been choosing joy?! I came back to remind you just in case you had forgotten."

Thanks, Facebook. Now go away and mind your own business while I choose everything else other than joy, ok?!

Sometimes it's a good thing to have our toes stepped on. It doesn't FEEL good in the moment, but can be necessary for growth. 

My little word of encouragement today is to simply find a few moments in this day that are worth imprinting on your heart forever, and seal them up. Write them down. Read them before you go to bed. If you found one today, pray and ask God to show you two, tomorrow. 
Here's a little cheat that I've discovered over the years that delivers joy right into your lap every single time: do something nice for someone else. In fact, do something nice for someone else that really doesn't seem to deserve it. It may seem crazy, but you would be surprised at how quickly joy will visit your heart when you do. 

Find it. Take it. Keep it. You're too valuable to God and far too precious to ever have your joy stolen from you. Remember that. 

My joy is my strength.


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