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In the Blink of an Eye, My 'Baby' is Three!

It's so hard to believe that my kids are the ages they are. My oldest is eight years old, and this Thursday, our sweet Little Bean will turn three. Both of my kiddos look and sound older than they are. Our son is often mistaken for a twelve-year-old, and Bean is often mistaken for a four or five-year-old. They're both tall, and incredibly well-spoken, which really makes us proud. Little Bean wants to be grown up and to do big kid things like her brother. There's no one on Earth she loves more than her bro, and the bond they share is nothing short of magical.

I thought it would be sweet to share a few photos of my sweet Bean this week. She's the baby that we desperately wanted, but weren't sure we'd be able to have. The greatest and most precious gifts from God have been my children, and even when life is chaotic, I don't take a single day with them for granted. Each night as the kids go to bed, I give God thanks for these two beautiful blessings. I remember the words my Gram spoke when she held my son for the first time (they share the same birthday!)- 'such a treasure.' Treasures, indeed- both of my beautiful babies.

Ages & Stages: Little Bean

Baby Bean, just a few minutes after birth.

Bean @ 9 months.

Bean @ 1 year old.

Bean @ Age 2

Bean @ (just a few days shy of) 3 yrs.

Beanie, my girl, you are the jewel of my heart. You make your mommy and daddy so proud and have been the best gift to your big brother. You keep us on our toes (constantly) and give us endless laughs. We love your goofy girl nature, your sass, and your wild spirit. Never ever change, my sweet girl. You are one of a kind, by God's great design, and we can't wait to see the amazing things you'll do in life.

Happy birthday to our sweet Little Bean!

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