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How to Protect Your Car Seats (from Your Kids!)

If you've ever traveled with children, you already know how fun (and sometimes hairy) it can be. From road trips with the family to every day in and out from school drop off and pick up, heading to sports practices and more, kids sure do know how to make messes in the car. Whether they mean to do it or not, kids are masterful when it comes to grinding food into seats, spilling drinks, or tracking mud and dirt into the car. As an experienced mom of two, there are plenty of hacks I have tried that has really cut down on the messes my kids make in the car. Read on to discover my best tips and tricks on how to protect your car from your sweet kids.

Protect the seats

Sure, we've all seen those seat protectors that you can attach the backs of the front seats. They're a great idea, especially if you have forward-facing little ones who love to busily kick their little legs in the car. Many a time have my kids smeared dirt and mud from their shoes onto the backs of the car seats. If you have light colored seats, simply place a kick guard over the back of each seat. They'll prevent dirt, mud, and marks from shoes from getting into the upholstery or wrecking the leather.

Don't forget the back seat!

Just because the kids are sitting on the back seat and are pretty much still in the car, that doesn't mean that they can't also create huge messes that will utterly wreck your backseat. There are a couple of tricks that I swear by when it comes to having kids in the car. The first thing I like to do is place a car seat protector over the entire backseat bench. Typically, you'll see pet owners doing this to protect their seats from pet hair and pet odors, but it's a great idea to use if you have kids, too. It'll protect the seats from crumbs, spills, crayon marks, and much more!

Add protection under the child safety seats

Car seats can be such a pain to deal with, but they are completely necessary and help keep our precious children safe when we're on the road together. I like to place a thin bath mat underneath my youngest child's car seat. This is such an easy thing to slip under their seat, and remove quickly and easily when it needs to be clean. My daughter is a toddler and makes huge messes in the car. This is a surefire way to soak up spills, catch crumbs, etc. Just remove, wash, and replace- easy as pie!

Minimize food and drink in the car

I could feed my kids all day long, and as soon as we step into the car and sit down, they're begging for snacks and drinks. Like most parents, I keep non-melty snacks on hand pretty much at all times. I don't mind my kids having a snack in the car as long as it's healthy and it won't make a huge mess. While it might not be as convenient as a pack of crackers, I like to bring along fresh fruit, like apples and bananas in the car. They are virtually mess-free, inexpensive, and are easy to dispose of. Just don't forget to take the peel/core out of the car when you exit. As for drinks, we stick with water in the car. Reusable sippy cups or water bottles are easy for the kids to pick up and drink from, and if a spill occurs- it's just water, and is easy to clean!

These tips may seem like no-brainers, but I've been in the car with parents and grands who give their kiddos chocolate and then complain about the huge mess the kids make. Following these super easy tips will keep the car clean, and will keep you as a parent happy and sane.

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