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How to grow thick hair naturally

In an ideal world, all women would rather have thicker, longer, straighter and healthier hair than what they have. It is based on the projected image of what is considered great hair in the societal world view. That said, not everyone is fortunate enough to have thick full hair. The fortunate thing is that you can attain the results you want with your hair if only you knew what to do differently. Here are several tips on how you can grow thick hair naturally:

Make better food choices
Whatever you put in your body reflects everywhere, including on your hair. Fatty foods like fries and burgers do not do so much in facilitating hair growth, let alone making your body healthier and stronger. Instead, go for high protein foods like eggs, salmon, and nuts, along with vegetables and fruits like avocado and good fats like olive oil and Omega 3. All these will get your hair growing faster and stronger than ever.
Choose your products wisely
While cleaning up may be the essence of picking shampoo and conditioners, there is more to it. The products you choose should not contain harmful chemicals like chlorine, alcohol or too many sulfates. You need products that complement your hair situation. Try to look for volume-building shampoos and conditioners to give you the extra shine and accentuate the thickness of your hair.
Massage your scalp
Your scalp needs as much attention as the rest of your body skin. The scalp has fungus and bacteria that need to be kept in check. Other than washing your hair and scalp regularly, consider a deep massage. You can even do it at home with some hot essential oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut or castor oil. With a teaspoon or two, mix two or three essential oils, heat them a little, and massage your scalp thoroughly. On the other hand, if you want a mixture of all these oils and vitamins, going with an all natural naturla serum would be a great choice. Allurium Beauty is one of the top brands in the market right now, especially for African American women.
Ditch the hot tools
You can get some of the best hair tools on hairclippersclub.com. However, when it comes to using hot tools, you must be very careful. With the proper application of heat occasionally, your hair can cope. The problem comes in when you are too frequent with heat objects. This will weaken your hair strands, damage them, and increase hair thinning. Alternatively, consider some natural straightening and curling methods to break the cycle of using hot tools.
Brushing to exfoliate
Like your skin needs exfoliation, so does your hair and scalp. Brushing your hair every nice in a while allows the essential oils to distribute evenly throughout the hair strands. This is more so for women with kinky and curly hair types. The natural oils produced by your scalp cannot make it to the ends of your hair. With a little brushing, you can do that, and help coat your entire hairs with essential oils. This is also the perfect way to get rid of all the dead hairs on your head while exfoliating your scalp.
Keep away from the stress
Stress is known to be one of the major causes of hair loss. The hormonal imbalance from stress can affect your hair growth rate a lot. Consider taking time off to relax and relieve yourself off of any pressure.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Hydration goes a long way for both your body and hair. The first step is to ensure you are taking a lot of water. Get your blood circulating properly all over your body, including in your scalp, to facilitate hair growth. Further, keep up with moisturizers that help restore moisture in your mane. This makes pre-conditioning very important before you wash your hair. Also, deep condition once every week or two, for the extra protection of your hair shaft.

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  1. These are great tips. I have always had baby fine hair and have struggled with it all my life


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