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High Quality and Great Value Glasses from EyeBuyDirect

2.5 billion people worldwide require vision correction. Unfortunately, I am one of those and I have a feeling since my husband did, too, that my children will need glasses at some point. I know glasses can be expensive as I've purchased them directly from the eye doctor before. Now, I've discovered EyeBuyDirect. They have affordable, stylish frames that are just as high quality as those you find at your local eye doctor.

While traveling the world, Roy Hessel discovered that not all cultures had access to better vision. Roy knows that accessible and affordable eyewear can make a difference on a daily basis for people so he founded EyeBuyDirect. By controlling the concept, design and manufacturing, EyeBuyDirect keeps the cost down for consumers. The designers are inspired by Roy's travels and create a wide variety of styles so there's something for everyone. 

This is different for me being a pattern, but I really love them. 

EyeBuyDirect is not only affordable for everyone, but they give back. Since 2015, they have been able to donate over 250,000 pairs of glasses to Feed the Children and The Lions Club, their partner charities. 

I have been needing a new pair of glasses for awhile, but I dread spending money on the frames and lenses. I feel like it just adds up to be too much. Fortunately, EyeBuyDirect gave me the opportunity to try not only one pair, but two pairs of their glasses. I was able to find styles I liked at incredibly reasonable prices. 

Even the pickiest person can find a frame and style they like with EyeBuyDirect. You choose the frames then the lenses. I chose the standard lenses. 

I feel like grey goes with everything. 

I put the glasses on right away after receiving them in the mail. They are comfortable on my face and the lenses are super clear and sharp. I appreciate them being lightweight as well. 

Plus, you can choose to donate a pair of glasses when you order! What is not to love about EyeBuyDirect?

Want it? Buy it!

The Opal frames with the most popular lenses ran $64.95 and the Ellie frames with the most popular lenses was $85.95.

If you don't like those styles, check out all the others EyeBuyDirect has to offer.

What  EyeBuyDirect frames do you like?

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