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Freshen Your Home for Spring with These Simple Steps

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Spring is certainly here, and if the mounting pollen outside didn't give that away, I'd say consider yourself lucky. With the beautiful change in the weather, we're also experiencing a lot of rain, and yes- all of that not-so-fun yellow stuff that makes our eyes water and makes up sneeze for days on end. As much as I love spring, I find that I am cleaning my house from top to bottom much more than usual this time of year. It's only natural to want to do a little sprucing up for spring, and it honestly doesn't have to be a major production. Keep reading for some super simple tips on how to freshen your home for spring.

Gather your supplies

The very first thing that I like to do when I'm ready to do some spring cleaning and organizing is to take stock of what I have as far as cleaning supplies go. I go through my cabinets and under the kitchen sink and refill cleaners, or toss supplies that are spent. I just recently reorganized my laundry cabinets, cleaning supplies cabinets, and my husband was really wowed by how neat and organized all of the supplies were. They are so much easier to find when you have everything stored neatly.
I like to group supplies together, that way, they are right where I need them to be when I am ready to tackle a cleaning job- no matter how large or small.

I have found that using natural cleaning products are much more pleasant than some of the harsh cleaners I was used to my mom using when I was growing up. There are some great options out there for lovely smelling natural cleaners for your home which will cut through dirt, grease, and grime, and leave your surface areas smelling so good!

Image: Premier Surfaces

Make a plan

I don't like to clean willy nilly without a plan unless I am cleaning out of frustration. Ever notice how cleaning is a great way to relieve stress?  I make lists of which areas I need to focus on, and what type of cleaning needs to be done. Deep cleaning is the thing I dislike doing most (I live with boys- need I say more?), but it has to be done. I have recently upped my deep cleaning game, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, because I just can't stand them being even slightly dingy. I always start with the bathrooms and kitchen, because they are used the most out of all of the rooms in our home, and those are places where bacteria is easily spread.

I keep my countertops super clean, and I have finally gotten my hubby on the same bandwagon. We love the gorgeous look of the Calacatta Marble countertops, and keeping them pristine is a high priority for us. Not only do we keep them clean and disinfected, but we also keep them clear of clutter, and make sure that we wash all dishes and dry them and put them away before we go to bed each night. Waking up to a completely clean kitchen is a great way to start the day.

After you have done the necessary deep cleaning in those extra dirty areas of the home, you can move onto surface cleaning. This includes wiping things down, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and yes- cleaning the glass throughout your home. These are the types of things I do five days or so. Sweeping occurs every day in our home.

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Purge & organize

So, if you were like me and binge-watched Marie Kondo for a while, you probably tore through all of your drawers and closets. I instantly regretted pulling everything out and piling all of my clothes on my bed after I did it, and wondered where and how I would put it all back. Doing this, however, did force me to take a look at just how much 'stuff' I had, and forced me to go through it all. I was able to clear out articles of clothing I no longer wanted or needed, or items that no longer fit, and I was able to donate those items. The things that were left were sorted and organized, and you know what- my dresser drawers look amazing! I can see everything I own and easily find what I need or what I want to wear. I definitely recommend doing this... just don't let yourself become frustrated in the process, because it is a process.

I also go through my kiddos' toys, clothes, books, and shoes once a quarter. That might sound like it's crazy often, but we have to do this so we don't wind up with too much stuff in the house. Clothing and shoes that have been outgrown get boxed and labeled by size, and then those are stored to give to cousins as hand-me-downs. Books and DVDs we no longer want are donate to our neighborhood Little Free Library or our local county library. We disperse toys to grandparents' houses so the kids have toys to play with when they visit.

Keep it clean

One of the hardest parts after spring cleaning is keeping everything clean. It's so easy to let clutter pile up or to leave the dishes in the sink until the next day. As a busy mom, I know- trust me. If you cant spare the time, it could be worth considering something like this Las Vegas maid service and letting the experts do the cleaning for you. Then you can relax and enjoy your sparkling home! A clean home is so refreshing. Bright colors and clean, clear spaces help lower stress and anxiety, so if you do have a few minutes to spare at the end of each day, do a little lite pick up or clean up and I promise you your state of mind will be much improved!

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