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Easter Dessert- Bunny Cake

My mom always makes a Bunny cake for Easter.  It is a tradition in our family.  One year I tried to make it myself... not bad for someone who does not like being in the kitchen.  I think I will leave it to my mom though.
Want to make a Bunny Cake?

What you need-
2 - 9" round pans
1-  box of cake mix- any flavor you want- or your own homemade recipe
1- can or homemade icing- preferably white.
1- small bag of jellybeans, dots, or small candies to create the eyes, decorate the bow tie, and the nose
1- small bag of shoelace licorice for the whiskers

Bake the cake as you normally would.  When it cools for frosting take one of the circles and cut out the ears by cutting in an arc on both sides of the cake.

You frost and design your bunny and then it is ready to eat.

I hope you make your bunny cake and share your pictures.
Happy Easter Friends.

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