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Craft of Faith Is The Perfect Spring Break Activity #MBPSpring19

Thanks to Craft of Faith for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared below are my own.

Spring Break for my two kiddos is in full swing! Is it just me, or did that happen insanely fast this year? I feel as though I blinked and the school year is almost over. That being said, our break is almost over as well! I always try to come up with some fun activities for my two little guys when I know they will be home from school and this year, we had an amazing faith-based subscription craft box to keep my boys busy day after day!

We planned a couple different activites this year, but we did not go away on any kind of family trip as many families do. I feel like the beach can be hit or miss with the weather in April so we save our beach trip for the summer time. 

I took my little guys to a movie with some friends one day and we had a couple of fun little outings here and there but what made our spring break extra fun while they were at home was having an amazing collection of faith-based crafts to work on!

Have you been introduced to Craft of Faith yet? It's a subscription box filled with faith-based crafts for kids! It was the biggest blessing during our spring break and I'm so excited to share with ya'll how much my kids love this box.

Some of the pictures in the above graphic are actual crafts that come in the box. We received two boxes in the mail and each box comes with 4 craft projects: one for each week of the month. Each craft is paired with a Bible verse which also creates a great opportunity for some scripture memory too!

Inside each box is four craft sets. This is one of the completed sets that my 6 year old did all by himself. Everything is included that he needed to complete this beautiful 3D portrait of the sheep in the pasture! He used glue, scissors and foam to create this shadow-box and he loves the artwork that he created.
Here is my 6 year old with another completed masterpiece!

This craft has the theme "Guard your heart" and those are his actual hands that are traced and cut out to show that he is guarding his own heart. I absolutely loved this one! It's beautiful and so creative. The masterminds that are putting together these crafts for Craft of Faith are amazing people. His daddy proudly hung his artwork in his office where other pieces of art are proudly displayed.

My 8 year old son loves to be creative and so I gave him one of the crafts that I felt he could really have some fun with. This craft was a little more complicated with a few extra steps but the end result is something he was so very proud of!

He knew I was taking his picture and had to hold his stretched out painting shirt up so that it wasn't showing too much skin (hehe!).

I wrote the words around the frame and he did the rest with some gentle guidance from me, throughout. He has this hanging on a door handle outside of his bedroom and he loves it!

So how does Craft of Faith work? Is it complicated and expensive? Nope! It couldn't be easier to get started. You can get started with your first box for only $19.95! Check out what the website has to say:

The Craft of Faith is an interactive bible study tool using crafts to teach the lessons, stories and parables of the Bible. Children are taken on a journey through the Bible in an enjoyable AND constructive way- through crafting! Each box provides four unique projects based on the lessons of the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.
  • Four unique Bible-based craft projects in each box
  • Parent guide with lessons and instructions
  • Beautifully illustrated scripture cards
  • Easy-to-communicate Biblical morals
Arts and Crafts is an engaging way to interact directly with your child. Crafting time allows the whole family to participate in an activity while learning. The Craft of Faith is created to connect Children to the history, narrative and impact of the Bible. The crafts are designed for all learning styles and are a great way to bring everyone together while learning about the Scripture and growing together.

The box comes with a beautiful parents guide that explains the message and the direction of the craft box. Everything you need for an amazing experience between you and your little one is in the box. You can easily place your order and get crafting!

You can find the answer to every question you may have such as their statement of faith, here.
Any opportunity to incorporate Bible lessons that are easy for my kids to understand and make learning about God, FUN, are a diamond find in my book!

Want It? Get It!

The Craft of Faith box is easy to order and so affordable. It was the perfect way to spend our time at home during spring break. Order your box soon so that you will have it the next time a rainy day hits or the kids are off school for a day or two! Be sure to follow Craft of Faith on Instagram, Twitter and check them out on Facebook too. 

Thanks again to our crafting friends at Craft of Faith that sent me these beautiful boxes to share with my two little guys. We have made memories and projects that will forever be part of our hearts.


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