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A Few Elementary Science Projects You Interact With Daily

School days were amazing! Weren't they? Well, what you learned in school is also amazing. The modern technology and infrastructure used today are all based upon the elementary science that you studied in junior high. 

The time has seen so many changes. The changes in lifestyle, in tools, in design and perception, and not to forget the changes in the application of minuscule theories and projects. Here are a few of those elementary science projects that are implemented in real life and can be seen all around you.

Heating And Cooling Principles
The elementary phenomenon that, heating causes expansion and cooling causes compression, is extensively used all around you and you probably don’t even know about it. There is another side to this phenomenon stated, “expansion causes cooling and compression causes heating.”

This is in fact, the beauty of chemistry of thermodynamic molecules.

A careful study of the appliances in your home is the perfect example of this application. The refrigerator and the air conditioning system in your home makes use of it. The principal used in these cooling appliances is the inverse of the first one.

A compressor unit compresses the gas to heat it up to the optimum temperature. This gas is then allowed to expand. The absorbed heat is conducted away and released into the atmosphere. As the gas released expands, it cools down. This, in turn, decreases the temperature of the surrounding environment.

The same principle is molded to suit another application, that is the construction of buildings. Have you ever noticed ridges and gaps in an overbridge? These gaps have been placed to let the units expand in summer and compress in winters, securing the structure in all weathers.

The Wheel Of Life
Life is really surprising. A small organism that you can’t even see with your naked eyes can make you sick or can cure you. The first application of induced sickness was the development of vaccines.

Vaccines are typically the disease-inducing agents that help develop your immune system. The vaccines like hepatitis B and Polio that almost every child on this earth has had while in infancy are examples of such application.

Your food is cooked as well as preserved using such agents as well. There are certain bacteria and fungus that are pretty helpful in the preparation of certain delicacies. For example, yogurt is made with the help of lactobacillus bacteria that is found in the milk, and bread is made fluffy with the help of yeast, a type of fungus.

Nature Has The Solution To Every Problem
Most of the technical designs and solutions that you see around you are an imitation of nature. The vehicles are streamlined for lower air drag and made lighter to improve efficiency and performance. You’ve studied this as well, in your junior school.

You’ve studied that mass and energy are inversely related. If one increases the other must reduce. Heavier objects require more energy to start a motion or come to rest. Similarly, lighter objects can accelerate faster. Both of these phenomenons are used while designing your car.

The aircraft is designed imitating the structure of the aerial animals, airplane from the birds, helicopter from the dragonfly. Drones and gliders are designed keeping in mind the animals that don’t make use of any propulsion to fly. They only make use of energy to stay afloat.

These tiny facts and phenomenons that you’ve studied in the school, have taken the worlds decades into the future.

Time Is Beyond Light
Do you remember the speed of light? What is the fastest physical entity known to mankind? Both of these questions are the ones that have stalked you from junior high to senior high. Isn’t it? The speed of light is 3x108 m/sec2 and it is the fastest known physical entity to the humans. It has been believed that nothing can go faster than the speed of light.

In fact, it is also believed that approaching the speed of light can destroy any object and it is not possible. But the scientists have proved it wrong. They have, in fact, conducted experiments at the atomic level.  For more details, you can study the nuclear accelerator.

Coming back to the topic, time is still beyond the light, but it is not unaffected by light. In other words, it has been established and being applied around you, that time is a variable quantity. The transportation industry makes use of this phenomenon unknowingly. Flights adjust their time while traveling between the countries.

Isn’t it fascinating how vast knowledge and its application can be?

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