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If you’re a summer bug you definitely want to stay away from the pesky kids. We aren’t talking about staying away from people but from actual insects that seem to come out in swarms in the summer. Summers are meant for pools and swimsuits but here you have to deal with all kinds of insects. Since summer is the time when you want to grow a garden and beautiful plants, you definitely want to keep harmful insects away.

There are a lot of ways to keep away insects like insecticides and sprays. However, apart from killing insects they also kill the natural goodness of your garden and make your plants toxic. They pollute the soil with harmful chemicals which your plants take in through their roots. Now imagine if you were to consume these plants, just how harmful it would be.

In the case that you have been infested with pests like insects and rodents, you shouldn’t try to get rid of them yourself. An untrained eye won’t be able to track their movements and hiding places. You may end up exacerbating the infestation instead. Pest infestation is known to be really harmful not only to health but also property. It can even be fatal. Call in a professional as soon as possible and get your property looked at. Professional services like Vancouver WA pest control are more than equipped to handle every type of pest infestation the area and they may even give you a guarantee. Should you face infestation again they may come and help you for free or at a reduced cost, depending on their existing offers.

Here are a few things you can do at home if it’s just a minor pest. Prevention is better than cure. Drive them away before they become a massive problem.

1.      Keep your house clean

Cleanliness can keep away these pests. While cleaning is a very boring thing, it is still necessary if you want to keep pests away. Dust the surfaces in your house regularly to keep away mites and allergens. Bugs like silverfish love stacks of paper that are hardly moved, like piles of old unused newspapers. Be extremely careful about crumbs and food that may have found their way into unreachable crevices and folds. Vacuum once a week in your eating areas. Uncovered food is like a magnet for bugs. Clean all surfaces with soapy water and a clean cloth

Never forget to put the lid on your dustbin after every use. Uncovered dustbins are the most unhygienic places in your house. You must take out the trash every alternate day or as soon as the bin is full whichever is earlier. Even if you’re unable to vacuum and soap your surfaces, just taking out the trash regularly can be a huge deterrent for pests. Another word of caution is that you must place your garbage bags in places that are inaccessible to wildlife like raccoons and mice.

2. Cinnamon
Did you know that a sprinkle of cinnamon here and there can keep the bugs away further than apples can doctors? Cinnamon can keep the bugs out of your house completely. Sprinkle pinches in straight lines at the entry points of your house and keep the bugs out. Children’s sandboxes are hotbeds for blood-sucking bugs. Sprinkling a bit of cinnamon the boxes can keep the bugs out
3. Dry Surfaces
This may sound unbelievable but dryer sheets actually keep bugs away. If you’re going on a nature trail, keeping a dryer sheet in your pocket will serve you well. It saves you the trouble of carrying heavy cans of bug repellant throughout the trip. You avoid stinking of bug repellant too. Now go on your nature trails without worrying about bugs. Just a few dryer sheets and you’re sorted for a bug-free trip.
4. Onion
Since ancient times this remedy has been passed down to us by our forefathers. Slice up some onion and put it in a bowl of water.PLace this bowl anywhere in the room and bugs won’t bug you.
If you have a garden you can use the same principle. Grow onions as companion plants amidst your other plants to keep away bugs. Believe it or not, this works like a charm.
5. Vanilla extract
If you want a sweet smelling natural insect repellant and a respite from pungent odors like garlic and onions, vanilla extract will serve the purpose well. Mix the extract with water for the perfect insect repellant. It not only keeps mosquitoes away but also keeps your room smelling fresh and nice. If you want to take it up a notch you can add a few drops of essential oils like lemongrass, lavender, and mint. Just add this to the vanilla extract water and have your house smelling great too!

6. Herbs
Catnip, lemongrass, garlic, citronella, and basil are just a few herbs that can keep bugs away from you. Plant these around the house and especially at the doors to keep the bugs from entering your house. You can use these herbs in your kitchen too. Place these plants strategically under your windows as well.
7. Soybean oil
Used in cooking, soybean oil has been found to be a great pest repellant too. Recent studies have shown that soybean oil keeps mosquitoes away for 94.6 minutes which is way more than any other plant-based repellant.
8. Citronella
Citronella is found in outdoor candles, torches, and lanterns and is the most powerful natural insect repellant. Since this is an essential oil, dilute it in a carrier oil like coconut oil and place it near the windows and doors. If you’re going out camping, dab a bit of this diluted oil on your skin to keep away mosquitoes.  You can even plant it outside your house for an added protection.
Who would have thought that you don’t always have to rely on chemicals to keep away those bugs? You can use natural methods too. With these 8 tips, you can not only be healthy but also add in some more benefits to contribute to the health of your house.

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  1. It will soon be time for all the bugs to some out. Thanks for sharing these natural tips.


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