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Looking for a sofa to charm your living room? These Chesterfield sofas look great, but are these comfortable? What should be the perfect size to fit in your room?

Doesn’t matter if you are replacing your old sofa or buying a new one for your house, it will be an important part of your living room. Chesterfield sofas are high on demand because of its classy look. It provides a great amount of comfort and a style statement to your house. Their smooth and particular design emits a class of sophistication. Its tufting buttons and rolled arms will enhance your room with a ravishing and trendy look.

You will find a lot of variety in the market and should consider a few things while buying one. We have put together a guide for you to purchase your new Chesterfield sofa:

Know your space
A Chesterfield sofa is a valuable piece of furniture but needs a specific amount of space. It has rolled arms that adds eleven inches to the length of the sofa from each side. To fit a chesterfield sofa, you need to measure the maximum space that will fit and suit your living room. Also, check the size of doorways and stairways through which it will pass during the delivery.

Chesterfield was initially designed for dark rooms. It was upholstered in dark leather, dark neutral colors with gemstones. Same with velvet upholstery, which has engraved gemstones of different colors like emerald green or ruby red. But nowadays, you can find it in any fabric in different colors. You have the option to choose from bright bold colors like red, green, blue or orange to neutral colors like white or light grey.

Perfect style
As a sofa is an important part of your living room, you need to shortlist the styles according to your home. Your sofa should coordinate with the theme and complement other pieces of furniture in the room.  If you have a modern and contemporary taste, Chesterfield with round arms might not fit your room. But, selecting a leather Chesterfield sofa is still easy for you as there are designs that have square arms and flat edges which will give you a modern look with a touch of traditional Chesterfield.

Comfort is the first thing that you should look for while buying a new sofa. A Chesterfield sofa is perfect to deliver comfort along with durability. It has a subtle angled back and usually has rolled arms which have the same height as the back that provides a great comfort you desire.

With the increase in production of furniture, you can find a number of chesterfields that look similar to the real one but lack in superior craftsmanship and premium material. A good quality sofa is handmade with finest leather, wood and any other fabric available. You can check the filling used for the cushion to determine how soft and firm they are. Try sofa by sitting to know the comfort level. The type of upholstery you choose is important to determine the quality. If you want your sofa fabric to be leather, opt for genuine leather. It might cost you much but will be durable.

Detailing is everything that makes a chesterfield sofa different from regular sofas and provides a distinctive look which was popular for a long time. Deep buttoning is a feature for its unique appearance. These buttons are positioned and screwed against the frame to provide an iconic effect. Studs are used to add details in rolled arms of the sofa. Studs have been driven from upholstery to the frame for a classic look.

Maintenance and cleaning
The level of maintenance you need to do depends upon the type of fabric you choose. Even if your leather sofa is durable, you need to ensure that you clean it often. You can wipe it off with the help of a wet cloth. Along with that, keep the leather moist. If you have other fabric on your sofa, you might need to call a professional for cleaning due to corners and narrow space of the tuft buttons.

You can go for an accent chair which can work well with your sofa. Chesterfields are versatile and can fit in any design theme. If you choose a leather sofa, it will become an intensely amazing piece of furniture in your house. The grand chesterfield will help you raise the comfort in your home and a home is nothing without all the comfort you wish for.

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