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7 Mother’s Day Cakes That Every Mom Deserves On This Special Day

Her special day is just around the corner and you better be on your toes for planning an extravagant day for her because she deserves nothing less than the royal treatment. While you are at it, thoughts must have flashed in your mind about the cake, that one thing which is going to put a bright spot on her evening. If you haven’t thought about it yet or in a dilemma to order something unique, then keep on reading further. Here, we are enlisting some delicious cakes that will blow her mind because she might not be expecting something so distinctive yet so stunning bearing such a scrumptious taste.


Pink Velvet

One of the most graceful Mother’s Day special cakes, this one is to steal the heart with the very first look. The gel food coloring in rose and red shade lends a soothing pink color that makes it so attractive to look at. She will fall in love with this with the first bite. Its soft and fluffy texture will create magic inside the mouth.

skinny chocolate cake

Skinny Chocolate Cake

Avoid loading her up with calories and let her carry her fitness streak in the most mouth-watering way possible. This skinny chocolate cake has to carry the same ingredients, follow the same procedure and relish the taste buds in the same way except for chocolate. This cake uses Greek yogurt which enriches it with protein and lends that moist chocolate flavor to it.


GEMs Vanilla Cake

Yes, she is your mother but that little girl in her still love those candies she enjoyed in childhood. The scrumptious and classic vanilla flavor decorated with colorful candies that will take her back to her childhood days of which she couldn’t get enough. Remind her of the most cherished time of her life and make this day special for her.


Red Velvet Fruit Cake

The naked cakes nowadays are rage and they deserve to be so popular too. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, opt for a naked red velvet cake laden with fresh and tropical fruits to make her day a memorable one. This delicacy is laden with kiwis, cherries, apples, dragon fruits, and black grapes. Health doesn’t fall far apart from taste after all.


Lemon Cake

This fluffy number is the simplicity at its best. Made of lemon curd filling, this one will make everyone in the family crave for one more slice at the end. If you cannot lay your hands of lemon curd, you could always opt for raspberry jam and filling for that zesty flavor.


Chocolate Orange Cake

The delicious amalgamation of mouth-watering chocolate and tropical orange will make her want for a little more. Square in shape, this cake is as unique in flavor as it looks on the table. This one will make the crowd drool for one more slice.


Rabri Cake

If your mother is in love with some desi flavor, then this is a must-have cake for the special evening. Garnished with butterscotch chunks on the side, this cake carries a rabri filled the center with crushed pistachios all around it. This one will delight her to the core and she will appreciate you for keeping her choice and like in mind while planning a day to remember.

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