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5 Pragmatic Lessons to Teach Your Children

Few things are as scary yet positively life-changing as becoming a parent. It’s the end of you the individual and the start of you the parent, which is really the coach, the teacher, the nurturer, the listener, and more, all rolled into one.

It’s a big role to fill, and it’d be more than a white lie to say that everybody gets it right. So, while we can’t predict what’ll be in store for our kids, we can teach them valuable life lessons they’ll benefit from for the rest of their lives.

Here are five pragmatic lessons to teach your children.

Healthy Eating Habits

It’s important for children to know that they’ll be loved regardless of their appearance. This doesn’t mean parents should start their children off on the wrong foot by getting them addicted to sugary drinks and snacks, though.

We can’t keep our children off junk forever, but they’ll be less likely to develop the habit if they don’t learn it early. Get your children’s taste buds used to greens and lean proteins, wholesome meals. Any sugar they have should come naturally through fruits and vegetables. Avoid artificial flavorings and processed foods at all costs.

Love of Reading

We have every convenience and entertainment at our fingertips these days. Attention spans are diminishing as a result. If you really want to do your children a solid that’ll impact the rest of their life positively, instill the love of reading in them. Reading enhances imagination, improves vocabulary, strengthens writing skills, allows for better articulation of thoughts, sharpens memory and reduces stress, among countless other benefits.


It’s a rarity for people to sit back and listen these days. Many people prefer talking and waiting for their opportunity to talk. It’s a shame. Listening is such a virtue. Unfortunately, children growing up today have even more issues with attention span. It’s no surprise considering some of them have had a tablet or smartphone in their hands since they were a toddler. As soon as children are old enough to talk, they need to understand the importance of being quiet and hearing what others have to say. Like reading, this will help a child in so many ways as they navigate this earth.

Financial Management

Teaching kids to be good with money might seem out place compared to these other life lessons. However, you’ll be doing your children a huge favor by educating them on how to manage their money. Because without financial education, the odds of getting into debt—specifically high-interest credit card debt—goes up.

After all, people never plan to get into debt. The financial system is designed for credit card companies to prey on unsuspecting people and lure them into a vicious debt cycle. It’s a key reason why many debt-assistance companies were founded, such as Freedom Debt Relief, which co-founder and CEO Andrew Housser explains in a recent Inspirery interview.


There are two types of people we can become in life: those who forgive and those who hold grudges. Forgiving people make us human. Holding grudges hardens our heart and distances us from the flesh that comprises us.

The best way to teach children forgiveness is to lead by example. Bad behavior shouldn’t be tolerated, but it also shouldn’t be scorned upon longer than it takes to make a point. When children misbehave, they need reprimanding. But they also need love and compassion. Show it to them regularly and you won’t even need to tell them about it.

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs one can have. It’s also by far the most enjoyable. The chance to develop the mini versions of ourselves into solid, well-rounded individuals is a process that doesn’t stop giving. Focus on teaching your children these five pragmatic lessons, among whatever else you value, and you’re sure to put out great humans into society.

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