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Your Child's Friends

As our parents have before us, we tend to express concern over the children that our children befriend.   We worry that the troubled pattern of behavior they express can influence our children to follow the same path.  How do you address your concerns without forcing your children to rebel?

When our children are small it is easier to avoid bad behavior in other children by simply not holding a play date with them and their parents.  It could be as simple a reason as not having the same core values as the parent and taking the responsibility of that off your children.

As a middle school child or a teenager the responsibility falls more on your child.  Did I teach him/her right from wrong?  Is what I taught them enough to prevent them from making bad choices?

My children are both teenagers and face challenges every day with the people they interact with.  When I think about it so do my husband and I.  We make choices on the people that we want a part of our lives by the values they bring with them.  Sometimes the people we let in may not be the best version of themselves but it is my hope that we influence them by the best version of us.  No child is a bad seed- they are misguided.  

No one can influence your children to do bad things if they understand right from wrong.  Peer pressure is only stronger than values when a parent isn't paying attention.  My advice?  Be involved and be open minded to what your child tells you.  Don't judge, but listen.  Give advice and let them make choices.  When push comes to shove you have to believe that your child has been guided properly and will make the right choices.

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