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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-Time for Some Arts and Crafts

Happy Saturday, friends! Today, we are going to be running a few errands and hopefully working on a few crafts for St. Patrick's Day, since it's just over a week away. I'll be running to our local craft store a little later, to pick up an order, so I'll have to browse a bit while I'm there. In addition to family project time, there is an important project I want to work on without the girls knowing, so I'll have to be a little secretive.

I'm not too sure what types projects we'll be working on together, but I will be working on our Shamrock Punch Board too. We made it last year and the girls loved it so much. This year, we'll likely be bringing it to Grams' house, since we'll be there for St. Patrick's Day. Today, I'll be on the hunt for some more fun prizes and green tissue paper. 

The girls loved the punch board last year! I'm hoping my Gram and nephews get to check it out this year too.

Since we'll also be visiting the library today, maybe I'll see what kind of books they have available with arts and crafts ideas. I have a few ideas in mind, but I like to keep options open. 

I hope that you enjoy your weekend. Let me know if you have any craft projects you'll be working on this weekend, I'd love to read about them! 

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