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Traveling Freely With The Kids: How To Make it Work

If you have small kids, you might want to take a vacation but work to your own, loose schedule. Aside from getting up early to catch a flight, there are plenty of other time restrictions that can be a nightmare when it comes to moving your family around. Attractions have tour timings, hotels have a check-in, and check-out dates and the kids need to be in bed by seven – so what can be done when it comes to going on vacation?

Book off more time than you need
If you only book off a week, but end up traveling for five days, you won’t really get to enjoy the feeling of freedom as you’ll be cramming as much into the limited time you have. If you’ve got kids with you, be sure to book a few days off extra on either side of your vacation, just to make sure that you have plenty of time to relax, unpack and unwind.

Keep plenty of snacks
If there’s one thing that’s worse than feeling tired and hungry at the end of the day, it’s having small kids that are also tired and hungry. If you’re planning on having an action-filled holiday full of mountain-biking, museum trips, and mountain-biking, your children are bound to get tired out. They’ll likely want a snack or two to keep them going. Before you set off, make sure you pack plenty of healthy and hearty snacks that can be thrown in a rucksack and taken out at a moment’s notice. Everything from string cheese, fruit, veg, to beef jerky are recommended as healthy travel snacks.

Go camping or caravan
If you’re a family who loves the thrill of the outdoors, then the chances are that you’ll also love camping. If you’ve never camped before you need to do some reading up on the basics, which include:

Waterproof sleeping bags
A water-tight tent
Camp Stove
Instant food
Filtered water bottles
A meal plan

It can be tricky to pack for a camping trip and if it's your first time you might miss some of the essentials. You can use a camping checklist to help you get everything you need for an outdoor camping trip. This way, you can just focus on the adventure and have a hassle-free trip.

If you’d like the freedom of not having to check out by a certain time, then traveling by campervan or caravan is a great way to see the world and work according to your own clock. These aren’t always a cheap investment, and so using a specialist credit broker to work out monthly payments can help make it easier on your finances.

Pre-book activities
You’d be surprised by how much time can be wasted be bickering over what do to and what everyone will enjoy. Sitting down with your family and coming to a collective agreement on what you’d all like to do will save plenty of time while you’re on holiday. Once you’ve reached a few agreements, take a look at local online brochures and book some activities to look forward to. There are even some vacations that you are recommended to book a year in advance – not just before you leave.

While booking, planning, and organizing might seem like the opposite of freedom, it will lead to a peaceful mind later on. The hours of planning and packing you did before your vacation will be well worth it once you set out on the open road.

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