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Top 4 Best Ukuleles For Kids & Children

When looking for the best ukulele for kids and children, you should look at all the factors that make the ukulele easiest for children to play and use. Before recommending some of the best options of ukulele for children, we’ll take a look at some of the major questions you may have at this point!

Acoustic or Electric?
Whilst both acoustic and electric ukuleles have their own advantages and disadvantages, you should always bear in mind that it will be a child playing the instrument, and what will encourage them to learn and progress with their instrument.

Acoustic ukuleles offer the classic sound that everyone associates with the instrument. It is easy for beginners to use (which your child will inevitably be), and are much lighter, more portable, have fewer things that could go wrong or be broken, and are in general better for use by children.

With these points in mind, an electric alternative offers considerable more sounds and possibilities, but does require more knowledge and also an amplifier to hear – meaning more initial expenditure when you are unsure if your child will even continue with the instrument.
Since children’s hands are small and soft, and not used to playing string instruments, you should make sure that the ukulele has good quality soft strings that will not irritate their hands. You should read a range of ukulele for kids reviews and tests to find out more about how to best look after your strings. Good quality strings also make better sounds than poor quality alternatives.
Four of the best ukuleles for kids and children:

The Donner Electro-Acoustic
If your child really has their eye on an electric ukulele but you want them to still have the advantages of an acoustic one, this electro-acoustic ukulele is a great middle ground option. It does not require an amplifier to play meaning you can avoid this initial expenditure and get one later if  they take positively to playing the instrument. The Donner is made from mahogany meaning excellent durability, with soft nylon strings meaning excellent easy playability. It is known for staying in tune and will mean that your child can focus on playing and learning instead of constantly re-tuning – particularly if they are a beginner and are unsure of tuning. This ukulele also comes complete with a case and some extra essentials.
The Kala Ukulele
The kala is a beautiful traditional soprano ukulele. It feature Aquila strings, which provide excellent playability without being too harsh, and produce a stunning sharp sound. The Kala also has the added benefit of having a book provided and an app that is downloadable with lessons that would be great for a child to interact and learn via. This is a great ukulele for children that are already players.

The Pomaikai Ukulele
The Pomaikai is a great choice for the absolute beginner child. It is inexpensive and is lightweight and coloured, making for an attractive ukulele that is easy to play and attractive to look at. This instrument is constructed from hardwood and basswood, making for a lovely acoustic tone.
The Hape Ukulele

The Hape is a great option for small children, it is made from extremely durable wood meaning those small accidents that could happen should not have too much effect on the instrument. This ukulele has its strings integrated as well, meaning there are no sharp edges to worry about. It also comes in a variety of colours that your child will love to choose from!

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