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Plan a awesome Family Game night with a game from FUN.COM! #review #familygamenight

Thanks to fun.com for providing us with this awesome game to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

These two could not wait to see what was inside of a package labeled with FUN.COM!!! 

The History of Fun.com

...and it all started in a garage!

Fun.com started years ago with the discovery of a purple monster hiding inside the Fallenstein's home in Mankato, MN. The monster imbued the family with a love of Halloween and told them to spread it across the entire world. Armed with nothing but a sewing machine and some serious skills, one of our founders made Halloween costumes for her children every year, but it wasn't until her kids were grown that the idea of opening a season costume rental shop took hold. Starting in the garage with only a couple dozen costumes, Costumes Galore became a season success in the Mankato, Minnesota area which got bigger and bigger each year.
...And then we took the business online.
We went from a small, family-run business operating out of a garage a couple months a year into a huge, family-run business with over 100 year-round employees and thousands of season employees, operating out of a 200,000 square foot warehouse in less than a decade! Suffice it to say, the monster is pleased.

There were lots of "Sweet!" and "YES!" when they opened the box and found Disney Pictopia. We were in charge of "babysitting" my dad who just had his knee replaced, and he even gave a "ooooh… this should be fun!" during the unboxing.

Disney on the Brain

Disney has a deep history. From Mickey Mouse’s first appearance on the silver screen back in 1928, all the way to Frozen’s wild success in 2013, it seems like everything that Disney touches turns to gold. Seeing the latest Disney movie has almost become a rite of passage for families, so it’s no surprise that even kids seem to have a wealth of Disney knowledge under their belt. Pictopia: Disney Edition is a game that puts the family’s knowledge of animated films to the test!

Fun Details

This Pictopia: Disney Edition Board Game comes with everything you need to have one fun-filled family game night. It comes with 200 cards, scoring dials, wager coins, a game board, game pieces, a die, and instructions to play. It’s intended for ages 7 and older, and it plays 2 to 6 players.


Gameplay revolves around Disney trivia. Players take turns being the “host”. The host plays a card from the deck, which will have pictures on one side and hidden questions on the other side. The rest of the players wager coins on whether or not they’ll be able to get the questions right. Once everyone has wagered their coins, the host asks questions and all players work together to get the answers right. Get them all right, and you’ll get to move your pawn forward. The first player to the end wins!

Miss MK was the "host" first. The questions are easy to read and the directions are easy to play.

Master B was our "host" for the 2nd game and had no problems what so ever with the reading of the questions or understanding of the game. 

Having a Family Game Night is so much fun!!! We ordered pizza, had some snacks, and played this game for hours. There were lots of laughs and fun had. We loved my dad's responses to some of the questions when they were newer Disney Characters that he was clueless on. He would get so excited when the card had Dumbo or Snow White or as he would say "Oh... something for the old people to know!" LOL.

There are SO, SO, SO MANY games available on FUN.COM. Everything from things like Disney's Pictopia to Star Wars Trivial Pursuit to Game of Thrones table top miniatures starter set to Mickey's 90 Years of Magic Chess Set, there is something for EVERYONE!

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There are so many choices of so many amazing looking games!!

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