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Mommy Shaming- Handling Unsolicited Advice

Being a Mom is hard enough, but when we choose to voice unwanted or unwarranted criticism at other moms we are are choosing to bully.  We should choose to boost each other and be the support system that we can all use at one point or another.  This isn't the mommy shaming game... this is life.  
No two parents parent the same way.  What I may do for my kids someone else may look down on or express an opinion for how they would handle it with or without my asking for help.  At times this can be discouraging and infuriating as a mom.  There is no handbook and there is no right or wrong when it comes to parenting, but there is always going to be naysayers that express opinions.

How to Handle Unwanted Advice
1. Remember that this advice is coming from someone with good intentions.  They may see you struggling with someone and they intend to help.

2. You can take advice that is given but it doesn't mean you have to follow up- For example I do not believe in spanking or any form of physical discipline in my home.  If either child is acting up I opt to give them their space away from me to work it out themselves.  I have had parents tell me they need a spanking but this advice does not follow my core beliefs on child rearing.  

3. Advice is a gateway to other communication. The advice may be unsolicited but it does not mean it does not hold value.  By hearing another mom out not only do you get advice, but it allows you to give advice as well.  Sometimes their advice may not work for you and vice verse, but you may just have a piece of advice that will work for this family.

I am not a perfect mother and I will never claim to be.  I have made my share of mistakes and will continue to do so as I am human.  You there! The mom reading this post- You are human and can make mistakes.  You are also the one doing the hardest job in the world and I respect all that you do to be the best mom you can be.  You are a superstar and are doing a great job.

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