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Key Tips To Know If You Have A Dangerous Tree In Your Backyard

Trees can bring a lot of benefits to your property. For starters, well-maintained trees can improve not only the aesthetic value of your property but its overall value as well. These trees can even make your property stand out from the neighborhood. Additionally, trees can be a good source of shade, perfect for family outdoor activities. When you have a healthy tree in your property, you can also make a tree house for your family and kids. Trees might be useful in many ways, but this doesn’t mean that you should keep all of them in your property.

As a homeowner, you should pay attention to the health of your trees because keeping diseased ones can pose safety risks to your property and family. This can cause more harm than good because the longer you keep diseased trees, the bigger the expenses you’ll have in the long run. Steer away from this direction by watching out for signs of a dangerous tree in your backyard.

Trees have broken or damaged limbs. 

One of the most visible signs of a dangerous tree in your backyard is broken and damaged limbs. Once you see these, call professional tree services such as Bellarine Trees as soon as possible. Professionals can adequately assess your trees, determine the gravity of the damage, and provide necessary solutions. You should call professional help promptly because broken and damaged limbs might fall anytime and can cause injuries to your family.

Similarly, you should be wary of any dead limbs. Not only do these pose a fall risk but these can also spread decay to the entire tree. Your tree might have minimal health problems, but because of dead limbs which have been unattended for years, this problem can become worse.

Trees are leaning in one direction. 

Trees come in different shapes and species. While some trees are small, some can grow humongous. Another thing which makes trees unique from each other is their direction when growing. Usually, trees don’t grow straight, and a little lean isn’t a cause for concern. However, when your trees are looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, that’s another story. A leaning tree can be attributed to root damage or poor weight distribution. When trees are unstable, it can fall anytime and can damage nearby properties.

Trees have growing weeds on their trunks. 

Plants mainly need two things to grow: sunlight and water. When plants receive a sufficient supply of sunlight and water, they can thrive and mature. So if you’re seeing weeds and other fungi on the trunks of your trees, be wary. This can mean that water or moisture has already seeped in your trees, causing them to lose their strength. A weak tree can easily be tumbled over by strong winds and severe weather conditions.

Trees are disrupting construction. 

It’s typical for homeowners to want to add structures in their property. You might want to add a garage or tool shed in your backyard for your family’s use. However, you might have challenges enjoying such renovations if trees are disrupting the construction. If trees are becoming a hindrance in your upcoming construction, consider removing them. Trees can be stressed during construction, increasing the chances of infestation and disease. You can prevent this situation from happening by removing the tree before the construction starts.

Tree branches are tangled with electrical wires. 

As mentioned, trees can add beauty to any property. Depending on the type of tree you have in your backyard, your property can transform into something new and aesthetically pleasing. Trees might improve how your property looks but you should be careful once its branches tangle with electrical wires. Once this happens, you and your entire property can be electrocuted or even catch fire.

Tree branches are hanging over your property. 

Trees can grow in different directions. And while this unpredictability might improve how your property looks, it can also be dangerous. This is especially true when tree branches are starting to grow over your property, like your house, for example. If you don’t act immediately, these branches can fall on your roof, causing a lot of damage.

It Requires Effort

Once you’ve planted or placed trees in your backyard, you should regularly check their condition. You shouldn’t be complacent knowing that a healthy tree is standing in your backyard; you should work on maintaining its health to ensure that these will give you the benefits you’re expecting. Use this article as your guide so you can make the most out of your trees and avoid any accidents from happening!

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